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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Long Version - The Short Version: Quit my job. Took a week off. Played a lot of Oblivion and visited with friends. Started the new job. Had an awesome writing contract drop into my lap. Might have a second one do so.

May 11
The Long Version

That's the short version. The rest of this is the long version and expounds on all that with more detail. It starts with me ending my job at EED only to discover that the purchase order for me starting at MS sat on someone's desk for too long and they weren't ready for me. So, an unexpected week of vacation.

In truth, I really needed it and didn't know it. The first week of May was mostly spent playing Oblivion, working on my Edge of Propinquity story and visiting friends. On the Oblivion side of things, the concentrated playtime hurried up my eventual boredom with the game. I'm not completely bored but my enthusiasm for it is waning. I count this as a good thing because it means I can concentrate on other things and go back to it from time to time to enjoy a quest here or there.

Other than that, I finally got to meet Cherie. She is what I am aspiring to - the hipster coffee shop author. I introduced her to some of my favorite places on her side of the bridge and we are still getting to know each other. If I ever got to a point where I was able to write full time, I could see myself meeting up with her at the coffee shop to promptly ignore her in favor of my story for a few hours except for a few smiles and coffee refills until lunchtime. Ah... what a life.

Plus, I was very evil to the players of the new LARP HttF: Masquerade (including myself) by introducing Jim to the BBC mini-series "Ultraviolet" which is about modern day vampire hunters and vampires who are real bad guys. Very good series and I know it is giving Jim ideas. You know, it might be time for another showing of "House of Cards" to kick off the new LARP. Yes. I believe it is.


After the week of enjoyable slackitude, it was good to get to work. The new job is fantastic. Busy. Oh my gosh, busy. But good. The product is very cool. The people are fun. Test Lead for these guys though is like having to focus multiple laser pointers at a pack of kittens on espresso. Also, I'm going to lose weight based on the sheer amount of walking I do every day. You see, all of management for the project is in one building. Me, my testers and my lab are in another.

So, to get some face time with the Test Manager, Dev Manager or either PM which has to happen 2-3 times a day not counting the daily meetings, I have to walk down the hall, down to the 2nd level, across the sky bridge from building 32 to building 31, go down to the 1st level and down a hallway.

To get to the Café: All the above, down another hallway, out building 31 to Café 31 and down a flight of stairs.

To meet anyone from the old crew: All of the above, through Café 31, down a covered sidewalk to building 30. From there either down a hallway or up a flight (or two) of stairs and down a hall.

Yeah. My daily ped count has skyrocketed. This is not a bad thing.


On the writing front of things, I sent of an informal query email to the DAW editor I had a decent conversation with at Norwescon. Then, I spent the next three days alternating between obsessively checking my email for a response and being terrified to do so. It's been almost two weeks now and no word. I'm not going to start worrying about not hearing anything back for at least another week or two. I'm still anxious about it all but I'm way too busy to think about it much right now.

The new TEoP volume will be up next week and I'm doing work for that. Plus, and this is the awesome news, I just had a sweet contract dropped in my lap. Affectionately referred to as the THING since the project has not been announced yet, I am co-writing a game book with another very well established game designer. It is a co-cover-credit. My first and I am really excited about it. However, it is a large contract with a VERY tight turn around. So, pretty much, I'm working at work or my working on my writing at home for the next three weeks and not much else.

Except... a new friend of mine who knows I freelance just queried me for a non-fiction gig. One that is interesting enough, has small enough word count and has a large enough paycheck that I'm willing to have a look at what the company is officially asking for on paper. This is unexpected but very interesting. Mostly, I need to know the timeline and the word count to know if I have a chance in hell of squeezing it out of my schedule.

Tarot Card for the Day: Queen of Pentacles, Inverted

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