Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The State of Jenn

Jennifer: Morning.

EditorFriend: Good morning!

Jennifer: What time is it there?

EditorFriend: 9:00 AM

Jennifer: No wonder you're all chipper.

EditorFriend: Hehe... I'm usually this chipper at 6:00 AM too. Though I love my sleep, I've always been a morning person.

Jennifer: Actually, so am I once I'm up but I've spent the last week on vacation, sleeping until 10 or 11am and staying up all hours.

EditorFriend: Hehe... Yeah, I can understand that. It's been a long, long time since I've been able to sleep until 10:00 AM though.

Jennifer: Mostly I'm up right now to find out if I start my new job today or if there was a cock up with the access card, etc... I should be getting a call in about 30.

EditorFriend: That's kinda weird that they weren't able to tell you whether you definitely start today.

Jennifer: Actually, I was supposed to start last week but some admin let the PO sit on her desk too long.
Jennifer: So, unexpected vacation.
Jennifer: Last I heard last week, I was meeting them today. But, there was something about an ECA and paperwork so they were shooting for today. But, no promises.
Jennifer: On the good side of things, I've been playing Oblivion so much that I am finally starting to get bored of it.

EditorFriend: LOL! I haven't been able to play it yet. I don't have a 360, and my PC just barely meets the minimum requirements, so I haven't bought it yet. That and school/homework and family equals next to zero free time to play computer games.

Jennifer: Yeah. But, I'm a free wheeling single lass who doesn't have a writing contract right now. :-)

EditorFriend: Hehe

[Edit out Sovereign Press things...]

Jennifer: Well, damn.
Jennifer: It appears I have at least one more day off. So, I think I'll run down to Crossroads today to go get this neat looking box thing so I can create my "office in a box." I realize that when I do start, I will be "just" a vendor, and thus, responsible for my own things. I'm going to put together a kit of tissue, vitamins, lotion, sanitizer, headache medicine, pens, fidget toys, etc... All of which will fit neatly in a leather box from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Jennifer: Though, frankly, I'd rather be working. Vacation cocks up my schedule something fierce. I want my schedule again. I mentioned to my staff lass that if it is a matter of not having computer access, I was good with being handed the 146 page spec my new boss mentioned to me in passing in the interview. I can work offline just fine.

EditorFriend: Yeah, I'm not understanding why they aren't having you come in anyway. There has to be stuff that you can do that doesn't require you to have computer access.

Jennifer: No kidding. We'll see. Maybe they will change their minds.

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