Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Two Story Seeds

Both of these thoughts came to me on Friday night while out with cmpriest.

The first occurred while she and I were walking down Broadway to the Mercury. A man animatedly speaking with his friends outside a club paused to obviously admire Cherie and me. I grinned at him as we approached and he held up a hand to me. I grasped it briefly and kept going. Behind us, I heard him whistle appreciatively. We kept going and had a good time at the time.

It was a brief event but one that has so much potential in a story situation. What if he took something from her when their hands met? Gave her something? Marked her in some way for the future.

The second occurred because I had not been watching my gas levels too well. So, my "You're an idiot" light came on while I was driving to Cherie's place. On the way home (after many hours of clubbing), I kept talking to my car, Morpheus, telling him that "this was our first test' and wondering if he would get me to the gas station. I promised to keep a better eye on things in the future, etc...

The thought came to me, as random thoughts do, what if Morpheus took me up on my offer to give him 'anything he wanted' if he just got me to the gas station. What if, somehow, he manifested a human body and asked for a night of passion or something else? Maybe he was cursed to be bound into the car, etc. Who knows? But, the story seed is now there.

Yeah. This is the kind of stuff I think about all the time.

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