Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Last Day

"You won't be needing this anymore, will you." He did not wait for an answer before taking what had once been hers. It was not the first time this had happened today. It would not be the last. 'Vultures. All of them. Can't even wait until the body is cold. Damn them!' She saw more of them hovering, waiting, watching. Deciding what of hers they wanted. When she was gone, they would descend and scavenge. Her poor neighbors would have to put up with the disruption for days to come. Sometimes, the vultures would stray into their areas to see what they could take from those who were still here.

In a way, she pitied them. They had to scavenge to survive. They took from the departed in order to make their own lives better. This time they should be wary. I knew this day would come and I already gave away the best of what I had to my neighbors. One of them has threatened to arm himself to protect what was mine and his own. I thought to dissuade him but why? I really won't be needing any of this when I am gone. If he wants to annex my territory, more power to him. You live by the strength of your arm around here.

It is almost time. The long walk. The ritual striping of Recognition. Then, exile. It is fitting and just. I will take nothing with me - no joy or pain. I will shed it all like a snake sheds its skin. I will leave here as I arrived; with nothing more than the clothing on my back.

(This is an abstract of my experience of my last day at EED. It wasn't nearly so cold. But, I really liked the idea of the mini-storyline.)

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