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Interviewed by boadiccea. Comment here if you want to be interviewed.

1. What do you feel are your 3 best qualities?
  • I'm very creative. I can see a story in just about anything: A word, music, a mundane coincidence. Anything. I live worlds inside my head and I love it.

  • I grasp concepts of a situation very quickly. I can see it from multiple sides. Thus, I can form a hypothesis quickly, give advice, make a decision or ask appropriate questions. It makes me a good listener, a good QA person and, when asked, a good "wise woman on the mountain."

  • I am very caring and empathetic. I want to help, to care for, to stop the pain and to solve the problem. I want people to be content and satisfied. Much of what I do revolves around this.

    2...and your 3 worst?
  • I can be very impatient when people do not immediately understand what I am trying to convey. Sometimes, this is my fault because my brain moves faster than my mouth. I have to stop and remember that people are not in my head.

  • As much as I like change and newness, I am shy of them. I am not always so eager to try new things because I am afraid, nervous, etc... I frequently have to force myself to go somewhere new and face that fear. It is a fear that never seems to go away.

  • Sometimes, I forget that not everyone sees things the way I do. I can't fix everyone or every problem. I want to but I can't. My confidence in some areas is seen as arrogance. I try to keep that sort of attitude under control but I do not always succeed.

    3. On your interests, what is clan macdude?
    Clan MacDude is a group of like-minded people with a love of loud prints, partying and making weapons. We are the loud, proud and destructive. You cannot join Clan MacDude. You must be abducted into it. I mean, inducted. It involves a potato. It is a Clan secret. If you see a kilt in Hawaiian print, you know you are seeing a member of Clan MacDude (or someone who should be in it.) I would send you to the website but the Clan Patriarch hasn't updated it in so long it wouldn't tell you much.

    4. If you were allowed only one tv show per week, what would it be?
    LOST. Without a doubt. It is the one TV show that I make sure I watch each week with friends. I love it!

    5. Describe your dream vacation.
    It would be a month long (at least) castle crawl across Europe. With a local guide who could take me to all of the cool ruins that aren't on the tourist map and had an extensive love of history. I want to start in Italy and work my way down to Scotland/Wales hitting castles and castle ruins along the way. The only detour would be a 2-3 day detour in France to go to the Louvre. I have wanted to do a castle crawl across Europe for years now.
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