Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Letter Meme

From artistic_chaos. The Letter meme where someone assigns you a letter and you list 10 things that were important to that started with that letter (and give a brief explanation) and then people could respond asking for a letter if they wanted.

I asked for a challenge and she responded with "Well, if you want a challenge, do X. If you want, though, you can do V." I chose to do X because I asked for the challenge and got it.

1. X-Chromosome. This is the female sex chromosome. Frankly, I really like being female. Without my two X-chromosomes, I wouldn't be one.

2. X-Rays. X-Rays have helped me much in a medical sense: Told me when I had broken bones and when I didn't. Told me when I had cavities and when I didn't. More immediately, it helps my doctor give me fills and unfills to my lapband.

3. Xerox. Xerox machines are helpful, especially now when I am getting ready to switch jobs. The paperwork is a bit much and I need copies of everything.

4. Xenoliths. Strange or foreign things. I make a habit of looking for the weird and unusual. Especially in mundane circumstances.

5. X-Rating. I'm lumping X-Rated and XXX into one entry. This is important to me because if the forbidden and titillating were not categorized and separated, I probably wouldn't make the money I do/did writing erotica.

6. X. Because "X marks the spot." A classic (cliché) writing gambit involving finding the McGuffin, Treasure, Girl, etc... Being an author, occasionally, this is a fun device to use.

7. X-Coordinate. Mostly because I happen to live in 3-D space and that is often represented by X, Y, and Z coordinates. Also, lumping in with this entry is X as a mathematical representation.

8. Xenobiology. I would like to believe that we are not alone in this universe. When we meet up with our astral neighbors, it might be a good thing for us to know how they work biologically so we don't accidentally hurt one and set off a war.

9. - Do I even need an explanation for this particular entry? Come on! What's not to love about this site? Edit: Don't go to this site without a lot of time to wander through it.

10. Xeric Subtype. This is a planetary classification. This links into my "we are not alone" desire/belief. But, turning it around, this is us looking out into space for possible places to live. Xeric Subtype is Gaian Type world in which water covers 10 to 25% of the surface. A continental climate prevails, dominated by arid conditions. Though the poles may be cold, precipitation is rare. The oceans may be quite saline. Life may be common.

11. (Bonus) X where x = ck/k. X is a wonderful short hand for words when IMing. IE: pictures = pix and thanks = thx.

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