Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Norwescon: Priceless

Hours volunteered at Con: ~40
Personal meltdowns: 1
Coming home to my own territory and a cat that was very happy to see me: Priceless

Times looking at Michael Whelan's "The Dark Tower" signed limited edition print: 6
Total cost of the print with tax: $210.60
Running into Michael Whelan in the elevator while carrying his print, having him notice, grin, comment, shake my hand and let me gush like the fan girl that I am: Priceless

CDs bought: 2
Price of those CDs: $30.15
Having Heather Alexander in Hogwarts Professor drag offer to go bodice diving to look for my wallet: Priceless

Drinks before going to auction: 1, 2, Many
Sold at auction: 100,000 Timbuks
Having Jim, one of your best friends, go into Jewish Grandmother mode so you can make a fool of yourself drinking in complete safety: Priceless

There are many more Priceless moments from Norwescon. A real convention report will be tomorrow or the day after while I recover. For now, I'm going to try to catch up on LJ posts, email and the like.

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