Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

INSANITY! But... I want...

markdeniz is evil. He's just introduced me to the concept of the 3 Day Novel Contest that runs over Labor Day weekend - the same time as Conquest SF, the convention I usually go to as one of my twice a year reunions with CA folk. Suddenly, I am torn.

I want to see my friends like always.

But, I already planned to take a week or so off for a road trip so I could still see some of them after the contest.

But, driving 900 miles after writing for three days straight is insane.

But, I've just trashed the beginning of my novel OWitWC but not the outline. Outlines are allowed and OW is the type of novel that I might actually be able to complete in the three day time span.

But, my God, that is an insane idea!

But, I want to.

I'm so torn.

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