Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Toyota Manager follow-up

So, Curt, from Toyota of Kirkland called me back last night. He admitted that I really did have the best darned warranties possible and he couldn't help me in that direction. But, he really did want to take the "sour taste" out of my mouth from my experience with the accounting lass. So, he was giving Nick a gift certificate for Daniel's Broiler to give to me when I came to pick up my car (hopefully on Thursday). It was a nice gesture.

I know why he is going through all this for me. It's so my last impression of Toyota of Kirkland isn't "Damn, what a bitch I had to deal with." Instead, it is "Huh, the manager really tried to make it up to me." It's working.

I still can't wait for my new car!

(As an aside, text is sometimes a bloody difficult medium to communicate in.)

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