Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


  • I went to see my nurse practitioner this morning and shocked them. I'm 40 lbs down from the last time they saw me less than a year ago.

  • Even though I have been eating like a horse (for me) for the last six weeks and have been being really bad (ice cream, alcohol, chips, etc), I haven't gained any weight since DDC. Woot! Of course, I haven't lost any and I've been feeling heavy and slobbish lately. So, I have already planned to go back on the "be good" band wagon for the month of April.

  • I have not been put back on my blood pressure medicine even though I haven't taken it for the last couple of months and I was supposed to be on it. Patty wants me to take my blood pressure off and on between now and mid-May. It was a little high today but it was only a little high for being unmedicated. So, she is willing to let me check it for the next two months on my own and see if I can stay off of it permanently.

  • Patty noticed a correlation between me not taking my blood pressure medicine and me getting migraines during my PMS cycle. She wants me to dig into my family history to see if my family has migraines. I didn't get one this month (thank goodness). So, maybe it was a withdrawal reaction. Who knows?
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