Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

One Pissed Pussycat

Wow. Esme is a very unhappy cat. She didn't acknowledge me at all at the groomer except not to bite me when I tried to get their towel out of the carrier. Apparently, the towel meant that she had been a "handful" and "a bit wild" for them. Thus, they apparently had to burrito her just to get her back in the carrier.

She gave me a single disgruntled meow that screamed 'Oh, the indignity of this.' on the way home.

As soon as I got her here, I gave her special wet food. Then, catnip. She keeps meowing and rubbing up against me. However, if I knead her neck, which she usually likes, she hisses. I suspect she was scruffed a couple of times. It is obvious from some of the unevenness of her fur that she did not cooperate.

I am going to pay for this for weeks to come. I can just tell.

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