Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Yes. I'm still spazzing over what to wear tonight. Part of me likes the idea of dressing to the nines in a corset and everything. However, I'm not going to go dancing at a gay bar to pick up men! I'm not planning on picking up anyone. So, I'm leaning towards the idea of casual and comfortable. Letting the guys be the butterflies tonight. It's not like I can compete with them anyway. Such pretty-pretty boys. But, they are so pretty. It makes me want to be pretty too.

Beauty and discomfort or Casual and comfort? Which to choose? Which to choose?

Why don't you guys choose for me? I'm going out to Neighbours, a primarily gay but mixed dance club tonight. I'll be there with at least four gay men and one other fag hag.

Poll #692834 Dressy or Casual?

Beauty and discomfort or Casual and comfort?

Dress to the nines, woman! Corset and everything.
Be comfortable, woman! You're just going to drink, people watch and dance.

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