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It's Published! The Edge of Propinquity, Volume 3, March 2006

Volume 3, March 2006

The March volume of the Edge of Propinquity has been published! Along with the usual set of stories from our four author, we have two guest authors this month: Amanda A. Gannon and Montgomery Mullen. I hope you enjoy the stories we have for you this month.

  • Luminations - House by Rick Silva (AKA shaharazad)
    Chester Hall isn't interested in ghosts, but when he gets an offer too good to refuse he joins a paranormal investigation team and signs on to spend twenty-four hours in a haunted house. But it's not just the supernatural that Chess needs to be concerned about. Chess learns the consequences of doing a job too well, and uncovers the key to a deeper mystery.

  • Vorare - The Feast of Stephen by Ivan Ewert (AKA ivan23)
    Gordon returns to Sylvie's apartment, seeking to make sure she hasn't fallen ill as well. A stranger helps him gain access to the recently vacated apartment, but soon reveals that both he and Sylvie are more than they initially seemed. Gordon has been led into abomination and the revelation drives him to the very edge.

  • Hidden City - Crossroads by Ryan P. Macklin (AKA macklinr)
    As Michael has lunch with Heather, a pleasant surprise is in store for him. He starts to enjoy his newfound good fortune when another strange event happens. Later, a man offers answers to his questions, but tells him he has to make a choice before someone else makes it for him.

  • Kendrick - Arbiter by Jennifer Brozek (AKA gaaneden)
    Reginald asks Karen to represent him as the judge for an arbitration between two men in a dispute over the ownership of a Todari Tarot card. She agrees, knowing she will learn more about Kendrick and those within its borders. During the arbitration she makes a friend and an enemy.

  • Guest Author - The End of Memory by Amanda A. Gannon (AKA naamah_darling)
    How close is close enough? Small talk over absinthe leads to midnight confessions and the intimacy that shared secrets bring; intimacy of the body, and of the mind. Lust and debauchery have their price, though. What would you give anything to remember? What would you give anything to forget?

  • Guest Author - Rain by Montgomery Mullen
    It's tough when you've got nobody to talk to and you know so much. But, I'm smart enough to know what would happen if I tried. You all would lock me up. Yeah, I just keep my head down and watch, hope to find that one piece of evidence that will show all of you. I don't understand it all, but I know it's there, and I have to tell someone. Unfortunately, none of you can see me.

    Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

    Chief Cat Herder
    The Edge of Propinquity
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