Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

In case there is any doubt...

I am such a gamer geek. I've already got a soundtrack for a character that hasn't been officially approved for HttF: Masquerade yet. I really want to play this character. That much is certain.

Doctor Alice Singleton PH. D., Tremere Hematologist
01. Breathe No More - Evanescence (Obsession with reflections)
02. Weird Science - Oingo Boingo (Love of Science)
03. What is Eternal - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Offered embrace, turns from life and glory to succeed in research)
04. Land of Confusion - Disturbed (Determined to make a difference)
05. Don't Tread on Me - Metallica (Standing her ground in Clan and Science)
06. Fade - Staind (For Sire - Memories, anger, missing)
07. Eyes of a Stranger - Queenryche (Nightmares - Reflections/Sire)
08. Wanderlust - Nightwish (Occasional desires to just be wild and discover the hidden)
09. Bent - Matchbox Twenty (She knows she's a bit off and relationship with her thrall)
10. Rusalka - Ivoux (Her fear of the 'Unreal' people)
11. Cristofori's Dream - David Lanz (Instrumental - Thinking, daydreaming)

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