Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

RIP Bart

This email is not a surprise. I knew when Jake died, Bart would not be far behind. It still makes me cry.

Subject: Sad News

Hi guys -

Bart died yesterday. His little body was shutting down. He tried to urinate for 20 minutes yesterday evening and couldn't. He would try, take a few steps and try again and he must have been in pain because he cried each time he tried. As you know, he was 99% blind, 99% deaf and his nose wasn't working well either. He was down to 12 pounds (14 at his last weigh in). So, Dad and I made the decision to put him to sleep. He did NOT suffer - no distress like Jake had and little pain. He was peaceful in my arms. When the vet gave him the injection he was gone in less than 15 seconds. He didn't struggle at all. We should all be so fortunate to pass so easily.

He - and Jake - were such a big part of our daily lives that this is going to leave a huge hole. So much of what we did revolved around them and their needs. Especially for me since we've been in NC. Its going to be a hard adjustment for us.

Anyway, we don't plan on any more dogs - or pets of any kind. The birds in our back yard will have to do! I can't do this again. Our thanks to Shannon for not asking - and just doing. For coming over to talk and making Daddy eat. It helped.

We love you lots.

Mom & Dad

John's Black Bart and Sigrid's Black Jake were their official pedigree names. Brothers, playmates, clowns and cuddle mutts. I can't decide if I hope to God that Esme goes peacefully in my arms or not. I don't know what to think. All I can do is feel.

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