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March 6, 2006
The Duchess of Kent
Last week was a good one for gifts. Boykitty AKA Penny, the delightful Maine Coon I fostered for a couple months, went home to his owner who loves him dearly. A couple days ago, I received his 'Thank You' gift in the mail. He gave me an old deed to property in Kent from the 1800's, written on sheepskin. I think he decided on this because he knows I collect antique books. It's gorgeous but I have absolutely no idea on what to do with it. I seriously doubt it is currently legal and/or binding but a friend did ask me if I had suddenly become the new "Duchess of Kent" and the thought did amuse me.

After some discussion with friends, at their suggestion, I will be looking up the Bellevue Historical Society to determine the following things:

  • What is the deed worth?
  • How does one preserve and display it?
  • Should I donate it to a local museum?
  • Should I give it as a "permanent loan" to a local museum?

    It really is a fascinating bit of local history. I've never owned a deed to land before and it is sparking my muse. I feel the beginnings of a story stew in the back of my head.

    I got an email from my Mom thanking me a lot for her birthday gift. I spent about two weeks bugging my sister on what to get Mom for her birthday. Originally, I was going to get her a Thomas Kincaid painting. Then, Shannon mentioned that Mom had no room on her walls. She would have to take something down to put something up. Then, I hit on the idea of treating her to lunches. Since I didn't want to just get her a VISA gift card, I had Shannon run all over town to pick up gift certificates to the top three restaurants Mom liked to go out to lunch to with her neighbor.

    In the card, I wrote the little verse: "From thoughts afar, gifts are near. My partner in crime will bring them here. Under your nose they've always been. I hope you enjoy them again and again. Happy Birthday, Momma-dear." Mom was suitably impressed by it. But, she really liked the card I sent which explicitly stated that I would always need her. She's my best support for my writing. She's got great advice and she still does Momma things like want to set me up but knows better.

    Heather was up this weekend and we had a marvelous time. For two lasses who dislike shopping, we tend to do a lot of it when we are together. I think it's because it involves a lot of walking, it's fun to shop with each other and both of us have a short shopping span. We both are peopled-out at about the same time.

    As it happened, Heather's visit coincided with the "Good Nibbles" AKA "Cheese, Chocolate & Wine" party that Hans and I hosted. So, we both dressed up for it. We both looked good and got pictures. It looks like every time Heather and I get together now, we'll be getting pictures of the two of us because it seems to be a habit now.

    The Good Nibbles party was a great success. Good food. Good conversation. Good wine. My only thought is that we needed more red wines there. I don't drink red wine but I would have liked more of a mixture. I think I want to do this again with another group of friends. With everyone bringing one of the three good nibbles (cheese, wine, or chocolate), it made it inexpensive for everyone. There were so many different chocolates and cheeses to try. It was very good. I'd be interested in helping someone else coordinate a Good Nibbles party in the future.

    Jim, Bond and David will be putting on a new WoD Vampire LARP called Heirs to the Fall: Masquerade (I believe. AKA Masquerade for short). I'm very excited for this LARP. I've been looking for a new LARP because I need the change and the gaming fix. I've already sent in my three neonate character concepts: A Tremere, a Malkavian or Toreador (either will fit) and a definite Malkavian. My favorite by far is the scientist Tremere. I wouldn't say she's anti-social so much as socially inept unless it involves talking about science or her research. It's bit of a play on one of my favorite archetypes: the tongue-tied engineer.

    You know that phrase, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"? Guess what. I asked and the universe listened. However, it wasn't until this past weekend that I realized that that is what had happened. When I left MS, I was burned on the Type-A environment and had declared that I wanted to just be a "cog in the machine" where I didn't have to worry about all the politicking.

    I forgot that when I got hired on at EED as a Test Lead. However, all of the lead stuff I was supposed to be doing was removed within 2 months of me being here. I was a Lead, paid like a Lead, without the Lead responsibilities. It was very frustrating for me because I thought I was supposed to be doing certain things, leading people and generally being the Lead I was hired to be.

    Now, while I am doing some Lead stuff, it is more of a cooperative coordinator role rather than a hierarchical role. I am very much not used to this set up. I am used to my position and experience carrying more weight than the brand new just-out-of-college hire in Test. I want my voice to matter more since that's how it has always been.

    Then, I realized that the universe gave me what I asked for. I am a 'cog in the machine' and that seems to be incompatible with 'my voice mattering more' in the scheme of things. Suddenly, I have what I asked for and I'm not sure I really want what I got. However, now that I've realized the situation, I have the opportunity to relax myself into it and to see whether or not it is what I really wanted. Give it some time with the new perspective. If, in a few months, I decide it's not what I really wanted, I will decide what it is I want and make the necessary changes to go after what it is I think I actually want.

    Maybe I will be wrong again. Maybe I'll be right this time. Who knows? Life is a big game of chance and change. I'll just have to be a little bit more careful about my declarations to the universe in the future. It's a pragmatic view on life and the situation. I can be pragmatic and this is a good time for it.

    On the writing front, Byzarium rejected my story with some good comments. Also, as it is March and I haven't heard from "She's Such a Geek" I'm going to count that as a rejection, too. That means I only have one story in circulation and one article in circulation. Time to do my usual round of splats and some new ones. Unless I have at least 3-5 things in circulation, I feel like a slacker. I know I shouldn't. Not with the Edge of Propinquity and working on the novel and waiting for the new writing contract, but I do. By the way, I need recommendations for a newly released author to review for Black Gate.

    Tarot Card for the Day: Ten of Pentacles, Inverted
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