Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Seattleites: Recommendation needed

The new two mile lunchtime walk is a good circuit. However, I've noted three things:

1. The walk is now long enough that I really should start to consider walking in sneakers instead of my everyday shoes.

2. I may need to offset my walk a bit. I left at about 11:50am. Towards the end of my walk, there were too many people getting in my way, slowing me up and making me dodge around them. Plus, the faster people had to dodge around me. I may drop it back 11:30am.

3. I need a new light coat for these walks. My anorak is great for running to and from the car but we're moving out of winter into spring. It's too heavy and hot. My black trench coat is too fussy and long. I don't always want to pretend to be an extra from every vampire movie ever made. I need a short, hooded, medium weather raincoat. I need recommendations on brands and places to buy this raincoat. Thanks.

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