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February 27, 2006
Writerly Tizzy
Writing stuff seems to be on a sine wave for me; lots of high and low points. Sometimes, I'm so busy I can't think straight. Sometimes, I'm the classic slacker. I call this my "Reading Time." I think my reading times are when I'm recharging my literary batteries. I write and write and write until I can't write anymore. Then, I don't want to have anything to do with writing for 5-7 days. Sometimes, I listen to this feeling and read. Sometimes, I bull through it. Most of what I bull through with needs to be rewritten.

I've got a new finance article up at Savvy Insider called "Estate Planning Blues, Part 2." It's all about the paperwork. Paperwork, I might add, that I'm dragging my heels on. I need to get it done then contact the lawyer and do the final part of all this - and the final article for the webzine.

I turned in my review of Justine Musk's book BLOODANGEL to Jon at Black Gate. He really liked it. For the first time, his response was all positive. No request for a rewrite. No comments on awkwardness. It was awesome. In the resulting email conversation, I mentioned that I was gathering my courage to send him some fiction. He responded very positively and told me to send my fiction to him directly by email so it didn't accidentally get stuck in the slush pile.


If you are a writer, I'm sure you can image the writerly tizzy I'm currently in over this. My poor friends. I've been babbling at them, wondering which story to send him first. I want to make a very good impression. "Send him the one you like best." Monte tells me. I really like "Kendrick's Lady" best but from the feedback I've been getting via the rejections, while it is an interesting story with some very interesting background, it is too disconnected from the reader. Well, yes. KL was written to be part of a Kendrick anthology. It's not really a stand alone story if you don't know anything else about Kendrick.

So, I'm thinking about sending "Sanguine Six," version 2. Ice helped me out with some of the dialogue and I'm waiting to see if Rich wants me to modify any of the psychiatrist's dialogue. But, I really like the story. It is very different from what I usually write. Finally, I've been pondering just writing something brand new for Black Gate based on a dream I recently had about being dead. I think I could write a very interesting story around that.

I think I'm going to send him "Sanguine Six" and work on "Judgment."

I've edited "The Chateau de Mons" (that I'm thinking of renaming to "Noblesse Oblige) for Grants Pass. I have two stories I need to read and consider for Grants Pass that I want to get to this week. I've read one already and it's pretty good but I think I'm going to ask for rewrites due to lack of description. I haven't read the second yet. I will though.

The Edge of Propinquity March due date is approaching fast. This month is the Spring Quarter and I'm supposed to have two guest authors to go with the normal batch of stories. I'm very excited for this. The guest stories should compliment the rest of the webzine. Plus, once the third month is up and running, I'm going to ping a couple of editors I know to see if they would be willing to review the site. I would love to put up a review page, too. Also, I will be splatting Norwescon with TEoP business cards.

I learned something this weekend: my time at the lake is for me and me alone. I did something different; I decided to listen to an audio book while I was there instead of music. While I enjoyed the audio book, I didn't get the same peaceful recharged feeling I usually get. Actually, I felt antsy, like I needed to be walking while I was listening. It appears that my lake time needs to be bubbled in music so my brain feels free to wander hither, thither and yon instead of concentrating on someone else's dream.

This little revelation is fascinating to me. I need this time and place for me alone. The lake is my dreaming place. There is no room there for any other dreamers in my head when I'm by the lake. I think it is because I'm stationary when I'm there. I sit on the edge of the pier and ignore every other person for the most part. Boats, skiers, planes, clouds and birds are just moving targets for my eyes to busy themselves with while I think (or don't think as the case may be).

Audio books are for driving and walking. My body is engaged just enough to allow the mind to really get into the story being told to me. Audio books are a wonderful distraction from myself and the world around me. I think that's the crux of it. Lake time is for looking inward and audio books conflict with that.

Tarot Card for the Day: Ten of Pentacles

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