Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

R.I.P. Jake

I'm not feeling well this morning. So, I didn't go into work. When I finally did get up, this was in my email.

Subject: Jake

hi -

Just wanted to let you know that Jake died at home yesterday. I was with him. It wasn't as peaceful as I hoped for but it was fairly quick and I was with him. Bart is wandering around like a lost soul today. I'm not going to wash the stuff Jake used the most for a few days. Hopefully the scent will be comforting to him.

Funny how empty the house seems without Jake. He was never the one who took a lot of attention until this last week. But there seems to be a big hole in the house ... or maybe its just in my heart.

Daddy took his little body to our vet where he will be cremated and they will return his ashes to us. We'll bury them in the back yard and plant a flower as we did with Beau. So Jake will be remembered.

Take care, guys, I love you.


Jake was a a pair of brother miniture poodles my parents got after Beau died while I was in college. I really loved these mutts. They both have lived a long life and I'm pretty sure that Bart isn't far from going. Esme can tell something is really wrong. She doesn't usually come see me when I cry. Now, she is.

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