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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Abstracted Thoughts - which is my Dundracon report. It maybe should have been called "Extracted Thoughts." I don't know. It was an eventful trip.

February 20, 2006
Abstracted Thoughts
AKA The Convention Report. I don't know how much of this will make sense to anyone but me but that's OK because, well, it's my journal. Some people will understand some things I'm sure.

Yes. I'm early. It's normal. Not a great view out of this gate. Too bad. Hey, I recognize that baggage handler... and that one... and that one. It's official. I travel a lot. Rich! So good to see you. Lots of gaming talk. I have "The End" now. And Cil! Nummy fondue. Oh, erm. What's wrong with my band? *urp* Chocolate is good.

Coffee good. Very good. Convention time. Hello peoples. Lots of peoples. Lots and Lots of people. Most of them I don't remember their name. Some, I remember: Alex, Johanna, Shannon, Greg, Greg, Matt, Sean, Dave, Rob, Devon, Lori, Dave, Matt... Team Volare!! He called me "pretty girl" - Twice. Cool figurine! Ah, yes, the DDC tradition continues. V&V: Speedster, knocked out and almost dead due to the actions of one of her teammates. Damn hotel room is too hot.

Thank god Bill knows how to cinch a corset. I look good! Oh, look! They're all looking at me. Heh. Cool. Breakfast and brainstorming with Bill over our LARP. This corset is for you, Devon. LARP: Plotlines never survive contact with the players. Thus, make up your own goals if you can't complete the ones we gave you or you already did. Eight hours later... I think I'm going to faint. No, seriously. I really think I'm going to faint. I have to get out of this corset now. OMG, freedom to breathe never felt so good. Mmmm. Egg flower soup broth. Shadowrun 4th Edition looks good! Drinking at the TV room. Damn, that's a good sonnet! Thanks, Devon. I think every Tiki from now on should be able to recite that sonnet as part of their tenure in Tikidom.

6am - Your taxi is here. Um, I said 6:15PM. I was specific about the PM part. Oops. Sorry. Grumble. Breakfast. Double check on the taxi for 6:15PM. Bill! Hi Bill! Hi to everyone. Up for Blinkie's Shadowrun game. I like the system a lot. I want to play more Shadowrun! I need to buy this book. 6pm - Bye to everyone. Oh! Hiya James. Er? Two taxis have been called for me? I'm sorry to the one who got turned away. Ah, the airport. Not as early as before but early. Mmmmm. Coffee. Huh, a bunch of first class passenger newbies. Yes. They normally take your coat and hang it up for you. *shake*shake*shake* WTF was that? "We're very sorry for that. It wasn't an earthquake. A Southwest plane made much too tight of a turn and turned their engines on when they shouldn't have. They actually blew one of our maintenance guys off the wing. He's OK now. They really should give that pilot a ticket." I'll have the white wine. We can have wine? Yes. I want white wine, too! Sleep. Turbulence! Pick up the wine glass to make sure it doesn't slosh. Sip. Ahhh... why is everyone white knuckling it? It's just a little turbulence. Ok. Maybe not a little but it's no worse than an earthquake. Wow. Have I become the jaded traveler? Sip. Ahhh... Fuck, it's cold! Heya Rory. Thanks for picking me up. What? SG was fired? JL gave notice? Two groups were merged? I no longer have the cool boss as my boss? I'm now reporting to who?? You're not joking? Damn. Home again. Thank God. *face plant on bed*

Slept late. Made lists. Saw the tax man. Got a NICE refund and good advice. Grocery shopping. Hmm. Band is still acting up. Maybe I really am too tight. Need to make an appointment.

I had a really good time at the convention and seeing people. I didn't see enough of anyone and that makes me sad. My band is currently pretty screwed up. I'm not sure what's wrong but I haven't been able to keep down solid food since Thursday before my flight. At the con, I survived on mochas, V-8, some broth and vitamin water. I'm kind of concerned about the band situation. I can eat hummus but even that puts a pressure on that I can feel.

Tarot Card for the Day: Nine of Pentacles, Inverted

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