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BPAL Reviews

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs new scents:

Scent: Bastet
Description: Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.
Thoughts: Out of the bottle it is very sweet with and under hint of something darker. Probably the musk. Now, as it dries, I am in love with this scent. It is very feminine without being cloying. Distinctive and appealing. I'm surprised. I usually don't like things with musk.
Buy: Yes. 5ml.

Scent: Blood Amber
Description: Slivers of warm, pulsating blood forever crystallized in golden amber resin.
Thoughts: Smells wonderful in the bottle. But, it is too strong/masculine once it is on. You can smell the amber but it is overshadowed by the other scents. I'd like to smell this on a guy. After a few hours, it goes to an amber and power scent that is nice. Over all, it is just too male for me to wear on a regular basis.
Buy: No. Maybe a character scent

Scent: Come to Me
Description: A phenomenally powerful attractant. Sexual and commanding in the extreme.
Thoughts: Who can resist a description like that? It's too bad this scent doesn't live up to it. In the bottle, it is slightly sweet but nothing to write home about. On my skin, the scent disappears. Really. It goes away almost altogether. It's still there but indistinct and very dull. I'm not attracted by the scent and nobody threw themselves at me. Disappointing, really. I wanted to fall in love with this one.
Buy: No.

Scent: Eclipse
Description: All the glory, warmth and majesty of the sun -- darkened. A delicious blend of bitter almond, vanilla, frankincense and heliotrope, with a drop of cinnamon.
Thoughts: It's a very pretty but rather bland scent on me. Too sweet in the bottle that warms on the skin. Then, it just sort of sits there in generic vaguely flowery prettiness. I don't smell any cinnamon, no frankincense. It's just a mixture of vanilla and heliotrope. I have "Tamora" for that scent.
Buy: No

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