Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Emerald City Chronicles

Ok. I am seriously considering joining the Red Square vampire game Emerald City Chronicles. I've been hearing some really good things about it lately and I even have a friend from another game volunteering to be the paperwork monkey for the game.

I have wanted to find another vampire LARP for a long time. However, as most of you know, I am a right coward when it comes to joining new groups by myself. I was wondering if anyone else was interested in coming to try out the LARP with me for a couple of sessions. It runs on Saturday nights 10pm-2am in Red Square or (during the winter months) in the parking garage.

Now, I won't be able to go try it out until March 11th due to my Saturday schedule between now and then (prepare for CA trip, CA trip, Crimson Dawn LARP and the Good Nibbles party). So, you all have time to think about it. But, if you'd like to, please let me know.

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