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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Snippets - Short one with stuff about dentists, schedules and writing. Ah, yes. The writing.

February 7

Last week, I had a bit of a bad time emotionally. Part PMS. Part who knows what. It included really bad dinner fu (three missed dinner, only one by mutual consent) and general sulkiness. However, Phoebe came to the rescue. After lamenting the lack of either chocolate or alcohol to drown my sorrows in, Phoebe delivered both with ninja like stealth and left me a cryptic message to go find the gift. It made me smile, happy and tipsy. I very much appreciated the gesture.

Then, there is the dentist. Tomorrow will be the third time in a week I have seen the dentist. Expensive habit. I'll be glad when it finally all done. My hygienist is cute and all but ouch. I don't like my teeth being worked on. On the good side of things, my teeth are in good shape and I should be good for another six months or so. Fortunately, with the refinance, I'm able to pay off all of the work on my teeth even after paying off the special assessment. I paid that off yesterday. It was sad to see the transfer of all that money from my account but, I'm down to ONE mortgage bill!

My schedule has exploded with things to do before the convention next week. I've had to write out a list of appointments, projects and times. Not to mention having to play schedule hockey with Ron on some of the projects. Between his schedule and mine, it is going to be hard to get all of the household projects I want done, done by the end of the month. But, we've started scheduling them. It will help me feel like we've made progress.

Speaking of progress, I am just two pounds away from winning all my silly motivational bets I set up for Dundracon. I don't remember when I've weighed this little in my life. It feels so good. It's helping my knee and you can see my collar bones. For the first time in my life, I weigh less in reality than what is showing on my driver's license. By the end of the year, I plan to get a new driver's license to reflect the new me. I don't dread that moment getting on an airplane, sitting in the seat and trying to buckle the seatbelt anymore. That's one of the best "non-scale" victories I could have.

Then, there is the writing. It was a good week for writing. I wrote up "Sanguine Six" and am currently in discussion with someone over making the ending more satisfying. I wrote and polished up "Eye of the Engraving" for the February Edge of Propinquity issue. In fact, prepping the Feb issue is on the agenda for tonight so I don't have to as much next week. I've already started the March TEoP story since it flows so quickly after the end of the February one.

I've also started the new novel. It's been waiting to be written for a while and finally pushed its way to the forefront of my brain. Thus, I have completed about 70% of the outline and written the first chapter. It's a short chapter, just 1200 words but it is supposed to be short. An introduction, really. I think I'm really going to like where this is going. Finally, I've got some research to do for the new novel and some reading to do for the review for Black Gate magazine that is due at the end of the month.

Yes, my life is mostly about writing. I can't help it. Yes, when an author is in "insane author" mode, it's hard to think about anything else. Still, I wish my life was like this all the time. I have been on such a roll lately. It's nice to be productive.

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