Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Schedule Hockey

Which will wake you up faster: a cup of coffee or discovering a big ass spider in your car on the way to work? I know which one is it for me. I'm proud of myself. I didn't panic. I didn't crash the car. I pulled into Marsh park, got a piece of paper, scooped up that spider (who curled into a defensive ball and did not try to run up my arm) and dumped him in the parking lot.

In ten days, I am on a plane for CA and DDC. Between now and then I have many things to do.

Buff and Polish Me - You know, in case I get lucky or something
  • Hair appointment
  • Wax appointment
  • Facial appointment

    Travel Stuff
  • Schedule a Shuttle
  • Pack
  • Pick up TEoP business cards
  • Drop off dry cleaning and pick up comforter

    Social & Other
  • Pay off my special assessment! (TODAY)
  • Dinner with Chris from Sac, CA (Tuesday night)
  • Dentist on Wednesday afternoon (AGAIN)
  • LOST at Will/Cyn Wednesday (Maybe)
  • Coffee with Craig (Hopefully! Sunday?)
  • Get pictures of me making my weight goal before 16th
  • Post pictures
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