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7:20 Am. My alarm goes off. As I hit the snooze button, I see the numbers are blinking. I fear the worst: The power went out and I'm now late. Adrenaline dumped into my system, the light got turned on, and I ran downstairs to see if I needed to call Rory and warn him I'm late. 7:21 Am.

Well, damn. Wide awake, I had nothing to do but shower and be productive. Before meeting up with Rory, I re-polished my February TEoP story with my Mom's comments. She really likes where the story arc is going. It is ready for publishing by the due date!

Off to Rory's where we spend the next few hours at Office Max getting the Edge of Propinquity business cards test printed so I could choose the ones I liked for printing for upcoming conventions and to distribute around in book stores.

Missed Craig at Victor's. Sadness.

Spent hours in the dentist chair (again) and STILL am not done. I have to go back on Wednesday afternoon. Suck. At least I got a really funny story out of the hygienist on what the weirdest thing to happen to him in his profession to date has been. (Hint: It involved a guy licking his, the hygienist's, fingers.)

Spent the afternoon polishing "Sanguine Six" and sent it off to 1st round readers and to Ice for a little help on the closing of the story. I think it's a good one. I hope it's a good one.

Spent some time cheering up Phoebe, showing her Lake Washington be all wild and introduced her to Jerzy's coffeehouse. Nummers!

Now, I've just started the March TEoP story, called "Judgment." I'm just on a writing roll! I love it. Man, it has been a productive day!

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