Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Late Entry!

We have a late motivational bet to continue to encourage me to make my weight goal by February 16th.

ivan23 has bet me a sestina if I win and if I lose I am to write a classic sonnet for him - to be written by March 16th without it interfering with the loser's TEoP story.

So, that makes it:
  • artistic_chaos: A visit to see me, loser pays for the plane ticket.
  • artname: A promise to donate $300 to an odious cause in my name if I lose.
  • ivan23: A sestina vs. a sonnet to be written by the loser for the winner due on March 16th.
  • macklinr: A 1000 word epic poem on the winner's wonderfulness due Feb 28th.
  • manictao: An hour of being my drink server at DDC at one of the Team Volare parties.
  • monicat: A bottle of good Riesling to be bought at a later date.

    It another motivational bet to assist the handsome and talented devonapple, the motivational bet for him is to make his weight goal by DDC or he is to perform two classic sonnets to me at a TV party on the wonderfulness of TV and Beer. If he does make his bet, I am to wear one of my corsets to a TV party for everyone's viewing pleasure.
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