Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

My Fu is Lacking

I'm hungry and distraught.

I have had the worst Dinner-Fu lately. Last week, I spent 45 minutes at Red Robin waiting for a dinner date that wasn't until this week. Just now, I spent 30 minutes sitting at a friend's darkened house, certain I was supposed to be there. Most likely, I managed to fuck up the date/time somehow. Though, I'm not sure how. He did say Thursday, 6:30pm and I was bringing DVDs. With my luck, its supposed to be next week.

First, it was bad Coffee-Fu with Phoebe. Now it's bad Dinner-Fu with just about everyone. I'm feeling generally stupid and very unloved right now. I don't even have any chocolate or alcohol in the house to drown my self pity in.


EDIT: Patrick got stuck at work. Release date tomorrow and everything broke. He's calling me tomorrow.

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