Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Walking with Shadows

Ok. Now, I'm a little bit more freaked out than I was before. I just got back from my walk. My shadow guy walked with me the whole way. Not really walked, but I could see him in front of me next to the trees or across the street when I turned to look at a house I like or behind me when I looked back. It's also the same shadow person. The very same one. I've never had that happen before either. All the shadow people I've seen have always been different people. How do I know? I'm not sure. I just do. I suppose I know it in the same way I recognize body posture or someone's walk. I'm pretty sure he wanted me to know he was there.

I'm starting to wonder if he's really a 'real' shadow person or not. Ok. That sounds really crazy. I'm questioning if one type of (possibly) imaginary person is the same as another. Seriously though, he's not acting like normal shadow people do. Most of them I note and move on. Never see them again. This guy has returned. I've seen him move once and he wants me to see him. I want to know why.

I can't decide if I'm creeped out by all this or just curious. Huh. Isn't that the way horror movies start? By someone being both creeped out and curious? Fortunately, I've always turned up a "survivor" on all those horror quiz memes.

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