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Kissing Mark
Mark and I were walking through an outdoor shopping area; one with many little interesting shops and lots of people. We were in the middle of a square that reminded me a bit of Red Square at UW. Apparently, we had been walking and talking about gaming for some time.

"But, isn't it a bit contrived for our heroes to meet in a bar or, in a more modern day setting, a shopping mall? How likely is it that three or four heroes just happen to be out shopping for whatever when a fight breaks out that needs heroic intervention? It's really rather pedestrian." Mark and I walked hand-in-hand through the busy square.

I stopped us. "Well, what if such a fight broke out to distract the faux-heroes from interfering with the real ones? Wouldn't that be funny?"

"The real heroes? Like who?"

"Like us for instance."

Mark looked around. "Alright, Miss Hero, I blow up that hat shop over there and the faux-heroes all around us rush in. How do the real heroes meet?"

"Why, by falling into each other's arms, of course."

The hat shop exploded in a huge ball of green flame rocking the ground beneath us. From different directions, certain people suddenly got a "Player Character" glow to them. I stumbled, falling into Mark's arms who gracefully caught me and morphed it into a dance-like dip. We grinned at each other and moved to kiss each other.

Freeze frame. There was a brief flicker to a paperback novel, flipping back a page to before the dream started and I quickly scanned it, picking out the word "kiss" and its different variations of it. (Apparently, we did a lot of kissing the page before.) I had the sudden wordless relief of "Oh, we're lovers. It's OK to kiss him." with the added underscore of "his girlfriend won't kill me."

Resume action. We grinned at each other and moved into a very sensual kiss. The camera moved out to show us still kissing passionately as the people continued to walk around us.


After that dream, I had an extremely vivid dream that an earthquake destroyed a bunch of buildings at the University of Portland. I don't remember much more than us watching in horror as buildings collapsed and our building not collapse but us needing to get out in a hurry and me trying to find useful stuff to take with me. Let's hope that is time is not one of those times when my earthquake dream comes true.
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