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Rant in D Minor.

There are days when I wonder how the heck technology is supposed to make our lives easier. There are other days when I wonder about the sloppiness of people in their work habits.

The short version of why I'm ranting is: There was a screw up and now I have no internet at home and only partial cable TV until Thursday - if they manage to fix it then.

The long, ranting version needs to be explained in a timeline.

Jan 4, 2002 - Apartment #XXX "Lower" begins basic TV cable service in my name. (There is no "lower" on this apartment.)

Jan 20, 2002 - I decide to move from my house into an apartment. (Gosh, do we see a problem already? To this day, no one can explain to me how a bill for cable TV got started IN MY NAME weeks before I even decided to move - much less move to this apartment.)

Feb 1, 2002 - I move into Apartment #XXX.

Feb 4, 2002 - I start cable Internet and TV for me in Apartment #XXX.

Mar 2002 - I get two different cable TV bills. One for my address. One for my address "lower." I figure the second one is a hold over from the move.

Apr 2002 - I get two different cable TV bills. One for my address. One for my address "lower." I get curious but forget to follow up on the "lower" bill.

May 2002 - I get two different cable TV bills. One for my address. One for my address "lower." I remember to call and ask why I'm getting these two bills. AT&T is perplexed and confused and have no idea what happened - especially when they tell me the "lower" service was started Jan 4 and I point out that I didn't move in until Feb.... so, how did a bill get started in my name a month before I moved in? They don't know. They assure me it is a mistake and they will deal with it.

May 2002 - I get a service close notice for "lower" service.

Jun 2002 - I get a bill for "lower" service stating I am owed $70 but no check.

Jun 23, 2002 - 10am - I notice I have no internet connection. I do all of the rebooting I'm supposed to do. Nothing. I figure there is an outage.

Jun 23, 2002 - 3pm - Still no internet. I can tech support. He has me do the whole reboot sequence again and declares that since my account is active, it must be my modem. Someone will be out on the 27th to look at it. While I'm on the phone with this person, I get a bright idea and turn on my TV... nothing. I note this to the CS guy who declares, even though both internet and TV are AT&T and went out at the exact same time, it is just a coincidence, they are not connected and he gives me a number to call for the TV.

Jun 23, 2002 - 3:30pm - After having to look up the TV cable number since the number I was give was wrong... I speak to a guy and explain the situation - all of it - from the beginning. He tells me that since there are no outages in my area, He's going to send someone out today to look the box. Everything should be done outside, no worries. I don't even have to be home.

Jun 23, 2002 - 5pm - AT&T guy shows up at my door. He wants to know if my TV is working. So, I turn on the front room. No problem. It's working great. He tells me that someone must have had a work order to turn off -everything- to the apartment from outside box. There was no damage. I thank him and he goes on his way.

Jun 23, 2002 - 5:15pm - Realizing that everything must have been turned off due to that mysterious Apartment #XXX 'lower' situation, I call AT&T Internet back. I get a nice woman and, starting from the beginning, I explain the situation - all of it - again. This time adding the reason why I think my internet was turned off and could they turn it back on from where they are. Nope. They can't do that from there, a tech has to come out and the 27th is the soonest. So sorry... but when everything is working again - I can call and get a refund for the time the service was out.

Jun 23, 2002 - 9:30pm - I sit down at the computer to work on something, turn on the den TV and... I get static. *sigh* Actually, I get poor quality basic TV and no cable. The front room is fine. So, I call the cable TV guys, again.... and, you guessed it, I explain the situation - all of it - again. The guy is sympathetic and he starts helping me out and it turns out... the line that he sent the reboot signal on which SHOULD be connected to that cable box, isn't.

That's when I remember that, originally, back in February, the TV cable guy was nattering about having to go through the wall to do the second cable box and I had to go get apartment permission but by the time I came back, the cable guy had found that someone had already had cable back in the bedroom and he could just use that cable instead of having to lay cable from the livingroom through the wall into the den.

If I remember correctly... this is the exact same cable that my internet connection is hooked into.

Boy, I can't wait until the 27th rolls around. I have the TV cable guy showing between 12noon and 2pm while the Internet cable guy is showing between 12noon and 4pm.

Any bets on whether or not I'm actually going to have internet connectivity and/or TV cable in the den?

Jun 23, 2002 - 10:30pm - After writing this all up and loading it on a disk to post tomorrow from work, since I have no internet connection at home, I go to bed, curiously resigned to this extremely vexing situation, wondering if I should write a complaint letter about the whole situation to someone.

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