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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with A Good Start - Which is mostly about writing and some about my car.

January 7
A Good Start

My trip to see Rich and Cil et al for New Year's was a really good choice on my part. There's just something very good about me being able to visit them. Grounding and inspiring. I really miss them. I did my bit for king and country (Ok, just me) to convince Rich and Cil that they should consider moving up to the Seattle area where they could buy a house and stuff. Otherwise, we watched movies, hung out and Rich took me to the Pirate store in Fremont. Yes! An actual store full of pirate stuff. It's very cool. I bought me a calendar and a shot glass and Rich a big metal skull... Because, I had, too. I like buying Rich things with skulls on them.

Oh! Also, I have my room situation for DDC set. I'll be staying with Vulpin. It will be the first time in a long time that I didn't have to reserve the room in my name for this convention. Plus, Greg and David gave me chocolate, music and a movie for Christmas. It was very unexpected and appreciated. David brought his homemade pomegranate mead for the New Year's celebration. It was very tasty.


I have to say, it has been a really good start to the New Year from a writing perspective. I have two things out in print right now: The Komatsu at Peridot Books and my review of Four and Twenty Blackbirds (highly recommended) in Black Gate Magazine, issue #9. Also, I am well on my way to getting the first issue of the Edge of Propinquity ready for publication on the 15th. Finally, Gamer Girl Evolution is just one final polish pass from submission. That will be completed tomorrow.

Next up, I need to plot out my writing plan for the next three months. I will have TEoP, short story submissions and articles (I still owe Savvy Insider two more articles on estate planning). Also, February may be dedicated to query letter writing and erotica submissions. Even though I don't do as much in the erotica arena these days but I still want to maintain a presence there.

The Legends of the Twins PDF is out and is getting good reviews. I can't wait to see the hard copy book in February. A couple of the reviews have specifically mentioned my section "The Age of Magic" in the alternate Krynn section and have alluded to the evilness I did there. I love it! First, an excellent review of Holy Orders of the Stars, now this.

Finally, there are new projects on my horizon. One conversation with Phoebe revealed that there may be a change in the direction of my writing for a significant chunk of time. This is an extremely exciting prospect to me. I'm still going to send Regresser's Evolution around. I'm still soliciting Grants Pass stories. I'm still going to be working with Sovereign Press and TEoP but the rest of it may have a very different and unexpected focus. I have to do more research into it all but there could be some very exciting stuff in my future.


On the not so fun side of life, my car's heater core decided to leak coolant all over my front passenger side foot well. Oh, yay. Not. The heater core is covered under warranty and with this little mishap being covered; the seven year warranty has now paid for itself. It is a nice thing to notice. However, the carpet destroyed by the coolant is not covered and will cost a pretty penny to replace and replace it I must. Originally, they were only going to be able to get the heater core fixed today but it seems that the dealership over-nighted my carpet and it is all going to be fixed today! I won't have to come back at all (the Universe and God of Cars willing) until my next oil change. I'm pretty happy with the service I get at this Saturn dealership.

Written on the 7th: Ok, so about 4pm on Friday Saturn again. They broke a bolt removing the seat and had to send the car to the auto body shop. Told them, not worry about the carpet, it has to be replaced anyway. They ripped out ALL the carpet. Not just the front. So, I now get new carpet front and back but only pay for front but the bolt isn't fixed and they don't have enough carpet. They have to keep my car until Tuesday. They have been really nice about it all but, *Le Sigh*.


Dreamlines... Realities Within has been updated with two new dreams:

27 December 2005 - Sunnydale Dance - I and my boyfriend Xander go to a dance in Sunnydale but immediately discover something very wrong with things. A demon is sucking the creative force from all of the students there.

6 January 2006 - Ureen - After a rafting trip goes awry, we are rescued by unusual people. But, as soon as we know more about them, we realize our rescuers are actually our captors. I am not willing to accept this.

Tarot Card for the Day: Seven of Pentacles

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