Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

M&M Moment

My co-worker almost got himself killed just now. I needed M&Ms. When I say "need" here, I mean it. People's lives depended on me getting my chocolate fix RIGHT NOW.

With M&Ms, I like to sort them by color. Then, eat them by color. Blue, then orange then yellow then red, then brown, then green. That's the way I eat my M&Ms. Don't mess with me when I'm eating my M&Ms. Especially don't mess with me about the way I eat my M&Ms. You have been warned.

My coworker walked by, "Skittles?"


"You sorted them."


"You know they all taste the same, don't you?"

*glare of doom* "No. They don't."

"Oh. Oh! Ok. No. They don't. You win."

He scurried away after that and I continued to eat the blue M&Ms. *Hmph* Everyone knows that green M&Ms taste the best. That's why I eat them last.

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