Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

"So, it's random acts of violence... or a mocha?"

"So, it's random acts of violence... or a mocha?"
"That should be on a t-shirt."

That was a part of a conversation between me and my fabu IT guy John while we were getting mochas this morning after I was explaining that I was in a really foul mood and it was lucky that I had not killed anyone yet. I was settling for a mocha instead. (Reminds me a little bit of Eddie Izzard's 'Death or Cake?' routine.)

However, the universe is doing its best to yank me out of this horribly grumpy mood:

  • I got my mocha. It is nummy.
  • All of my January TEoP stories are in on time! I have the best collaborators! (Brag!) Thus, I have time to actually read them over and prep them for the first issue. I'm very excited.
  • The heater core for my car did arrive. So, they will be able to fix my car today. Not the carpet. That will be later in the week. Still, I will have my car back for the weekend. I'm feeling much better about it.
  • It's payday!

    Oh, yeah. Warning to everyone: My moods are all over the place. From *stabbity* to *cuddly* to *killmaimdestroy* to *loveme?* in about a five minute period of time. Sounds a lot like my cat. I apologize in advance if I snap at you.
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