Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Thankful Thursday

I was mentally composing some "Thank You"s in my head when I remembered it was Thankful Thursday!

1. Thank you to fullcontactmuse for carpooling with me to work while my car has been on the fritz.
2. Thank you to jw1176 for taking me grocery shopping tonight.
3. Thank you to whomever it was that sent me caramel and apples from Harry & David's. Caramel is a favorite around here.
4. Thank you for the fact that the problem with my car is only the leaking heater core and that it is covered under the warranty (unlike the $400 of carpet I'm going to have to buy to replace the coolant ruined stuff).
5. Thank you to shaharazard, macklinr and ivan23 for working with me on TEoP.
6. Thank you to artistic_chaos for sending me Vin Diesel pictures when I'm feeling down.
7. Thank you to unkyrich for all the new music! Oh! New music!!
8. Thank you to all my friends who have run into my bad mood lately and still talk to me.

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