Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Car, Story, Climax

The car is in the shop now. I could actually smell the coolant during the last leg of the trip. I'm really afraid of how much this will cost me. Ah well. It will be very nice when I have my car back. As much as I appreciate carpooling, it makes me feel dependent. I hate that. Like swallowing my pride. Speaking of which, is anyone available to take me to the grocery store tonight? My roommate is most likely bowling and I'm out of a lot of my staples. I didn't realize it until this morning.

I have got to love any story that I write the climax to listening to "Carmina" by Bond. Especially when someone is being stabbed and thrown from a bridge in the story. Caller ID: Unknown is now sitting at 3500 words and besides the final read through I'm going to give it tonight, I'm calling it done! (Brag!) Up next, the final polish of Gamer Girl Evolution.

Thinking of climax, there is so going to be a TMI post later. I am one twisted young woman. Hint: It involves one of the most iconic and recognizable villains of the 20th century and probably not who you think is it. (Yes, Will, you are on the filter already. I checked.)

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