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I just had someone over, looking at Sheridan and Sinclair, and he's decided he definitely wants to adopt them. The boys were as cute as can be, snuggling up to our visitor after about 10 minutes of shyness. He wanted a pair of friendly, bonded cats and they proved that immediately, with Sinclair, the shy but jealous one, going over to lay on top of Sheridan in our visitor's lap when he was getting petted. Sinclair stuck his nose in Sheridan's ear and the two went to sleep like that. It was cuteness overload.

I'm in a weird state of mood over this. I'm really happy that I've found a home for the boys with someone who is pretty nice and geeky and clearly will be owned as all cat owners should be. But... but... I am feeling a little sad at losing the two of them.

Still, I have a good 3-4 weeks with them before they can be adopted. They have to weigh 2 pounds and be neutered. I'll keep in touch with their soon-to-be dad and keep him up to date on their progress.

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