Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Snippet about the new aquisition...

This is about this book: "THE SPIRIT LAND", by S. B. Emmons.

GaanEden: Ye Cats! This bookseller did not mess around. In my comments when I paid for my now oldest occult book (printed in 1859), I said, "Please make sure the packaging is waterproof. It has been raining a lot here lately." OMG! This guy took my words to heart. It was wrapped in:
GaanEden: 1. ALL tape.
GaanEden: 2. A box.
GaanEden: 3. Newspaper.
GaanEden: 4. Another box
rsilva444: Cool!
GaanEden: 5. More newspaper
GaanEden: 6. Not one but three plastic bags: 2 grocery store and one garbage bag.
rsilva444: Wow. That is impressive.
GaanEden: Note: each layer was completely taped to the gills with tape.
GaanEden: But, wow, it is a really nice book and I can just feel the age on it. It is the first antique occult book that makes me think, "Huh, I really do need an enclosed, protected bookcase for these books."
rsilva444: Was the package also magically warded against water?
GaanEden: I don't know but, damn, it was taped to death and packaged for something very fragile... which, actually, this book is. The seller did a good deal here.

I really need want some sort of "book collector" icon. Maybe something like Johnny Depp's character from The Ninth Gate with an appropriate comment? *peeks at dancingshaman*

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