Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Long ass question meme from Koga.

Yeah. I'm at home today. Just 3 hours until I leave for the airport.

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1) Thoughts on owlsamantha? I miss her. I miss gaming with her.
2) Has jw1776 dyed their hair? No.
3) How would unkyrich kill theflittermouse? He wouldn't. He's a pacifist. But, if he did, he's hire someone to so it for him.
4) What comic book character would aikido_jones be? Buckaroo Bonzai. I don't care if he's not a comic character, that's who Dr. Jones is.
5) If vodou_chile and mrissa were siamese twins, where would they be joined? No clu.e
6) What exotic animal would labyrinthman like as a pet? Some big cat. Handsome and cuddly.
7) What mental disorder does bysmael remind you of? Manic depression.
8) What video game does storm_ryder remind you of? A fighting game that involves swords.
9) When did you last call lemurling? Months ago. Last time I came to visit CA, I think.
10) Are eddyfate and cartazon married? Nope.
11) Do you have a crush on covenantscave? I did at one time.
12) Do doogs19 and alypius754 go to the same school? No.
13) Does millershollow drink? Blood.
14) What rank would monicat have in a giant robot army? Oh, gosh. General? Supreme Commander?
15) Does devonapple smoke? No.
16) One thing you can't stand about seidl? He lives too far away to game with.
17) Would millershollow and moon_kitten make a good couple? Only if Moon_Kitten was a werewolf.
18) Which of your friends should cranky_scribe go out with? No one. She is engaged.
19) jrpseudonym's eye color? Um. Er. Brown?
20) Would millershollow go out with musae? No. Millershollow is a game journal.
21) Do you have deyo's screenname? Um. Yes.
22) How would jasonbeast conquer the world? Through minions. Lots of minions. Probably all female minions.
23) How tall is panzerwalt? Taller than me.
24) Have you ever dated dreaming_shaman? No.
25) What is s33k3r's biggest flaw? Censored.
26) Is baronlaw related to bunyip? Nope.
27) Where would parzanese most like to visit? I don't know.
28) What would benliblit think of deirdremoon? I'm pretty sure he would think she was keen.
29) What is monicat's favorite movie? No idea.
30) Would you ever date millershollow? Only in my dreams.
31) Is anthologie dead sexy? Absolutely.
32) What song/movie would you recommend to seductionjunkie? Macrovision by Depeche Mode
33) Does ratontheroad know jephly? Nope.
34) Are felder and cleolinda going out? Nope.
35) Is thephoeniix single? Nop.e
36) What is cmpriest's shoe size? No clue. 7?
37) Do you think mouseferatu is hot? He is textually satisfying.
38) If zorgaulf and edbook were spliced together, what would be its name? Zed.
39) Is shaharazad popular? He is.
40) What would srakkt do differently in your shoes? He'd date girls.
41) Would fatelvis138 and splash_the_cat look good together? I don't know.
42) What would andala give fullcontactmuse for his/her birthday? A new camera. They are both picture taking fiends.
43) What would you do if benliblit died? I would be very, very upset. Especially if he starved to death in that frozen wasteland that he lives in.
44) What is shannybug's favorite food? Chocolate?
45) Did janos break up with you? No....
46) What color should alibee dye their hair? Cherrywood red.
47) Is seidl related to you? No.
48) What is s33k3r allergic to? Bullets.
49) Is lowapproach a nerd? Depends on your definition.
50) If alibee commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Surly developers.
51) What do you disagree with vmurther about? I don't know. I don't remember us disagreeing about things.
52) Would you wrestle dreaming_shaman in jello? Could be fun.
53) What is zunger's favorite color? Blue?
54) Where did you first meet owlsamantha? At a LARP.
55) Is splash_the_cat your best friend? No. But she's cool.
56) How many monkeys could juiceglass fight at once and win against? At least a thousand.
57) Where was poetry_lady born? Not Seattle. I know that much.
58) Would you make out with khepriamon? I don't know him.
59) hastings1066's hair color? Brown.
60) If devonapple took over the world, who would be happy? He would. His wife would. I would. Team Volare would. DoD as well.
61) Are evildmguy and elynne going steady? No.
62) Where was dreaming_shaman born? Um... ?
63) Is rm introverted or extroverted? Extrovert.
64) Does jenk go to your school? No.
65) Could you see artname and shutt3rg33k together? No.
66) Does unkyrich have a big secret? Absolutely.
67) What planet should edbook be from? Earth.
68) Is alypius754 a college student? Yes.
69) Would aikido_jones be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja. Definitely ninja.
70) Is artname in a relationship? I don't know.
71) If felder had a superpower, what would it be? Shapeshifting.
72) What is cmpriest's favorite band/artist? I'm not sure.
73) What languages does khepriamon speak? Don't know.
74) If kaidevis took over the world, who would suffer? Stupid people.
75) Is shiningmoon friends with doublefeh? No.
76) Is srakkt athletic? Yes.
77) Does srakkt do drugs? Does booze count?
78) What would you do if you found out artname has a crush on you? I would be flattered.
79) What do you agree with byrdie about? Lots of things.
80) How long would alypius754 dating juiceglass last? If they started dating? Probably a long time. But I don't see that happening.
81) Which president would caias be likely to idolize? I don't know.
82) If anaka was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Typoman.
83) What is janos's favorite game? Call of Cthulhu or Drink Everyone Under the Table.
84) If splash_the_cat and hastings1066 were spliced together, what would it be like? Creative.
85) One quality you find attractive in grandmoffdavid? He mades a mighty fine lemondrop.
86) Is ivan23 1337? Oh, yes. He is.
87) Have you flirted with doogs19? No. Not yet.
88) Would you set up caias and lunesse? No. Absolutely not.
89) What flavor of jello would splash_the_cat be? Lime.
90) If bunyip were hanging off a cliff, what would cavalorn do? Save him, of course.
91) Does s33k3r have a crush on sadiecabaret? Nope.
92) What animal does bruceb remind you of? A bear.
93) Is zunger a high school student? Ah, no.
94) Does jw1776 travel a lot? No.
95) What animal should mockinggreylock be combined with? Cat.
96) Is romeos_mistress an emo? No. But she could play one on TV if she wanted to.
97) How long have you known amnesiack? Two years I think.
98) What word best describes shutt3rg33k? Beautiful.
99) Does jephly have a dog? No.
100) Has jasonbeast been to your house/dorm? Nope.

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