Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Authors Meme - 2005 Scorecard

Meme from cmpriest.

Novel words written:
  • Grants Pass anthology: 42,000K collected, 4000 written
  • Regressor's Evolution: 5000 new words
  • Holy Order of the Stars: 14000 contributed (published)
  • Legends of the Twins: 12000 contributed (to be published in 2006)

    Short story words written: No Clue. I'm guessing around 30,000.

    New stories written: 11
  • The Komatsu
  • Kendrick's Lady
  • Dick's Muse
  • The Chateau de Mons
  • Obligations
  • Story End: Epiphany
  • Story End: Lost Hope
  • Story End: Running
  • Story End: Target Acquired
  • Story End: The Locked Mirror
  • Gamer Girl Evolution (Essay)

    Existing stories revised: 1
  • Dark Epiphany

    Short story submissions sent: 19
  • Responses received: 18
  • Acceptances: 6
  • Rejections: 12
  • Other responses: N/A
  • Awaiting response: 1

    Short stories published: None yet. 6 pending
  • 1 - Peridot Books
  • 5 - Tricks, Tigers & Traps: Tales of Sinister Fates

    Awards: None yet though I did get a good review of Holy Orders
  • Major award nominations: 0
  • Minor award nominations: 0
  • Awards won: 0

    Novel work:
  • Full edit of Regresser's Evolution
  • Edit and written work on Grants Pass
  • Completed contributor work on Holy Order of the Stars and Legends of the Twins

    Novel editing hours: Approximately 200 (I guess).
  • Novels submitted: 1 - To final Reader group
  • Novels awaiting response: 0
  • Proposals awaiting response: 0

    Articles written: 6
  • 1 - Blackgate Magazine (pending)
  • 5 - Savvy Inside (published)

    Upcoming for 2006:
  • Submit proposal for Regresser's Evolution (Novel)
  • Submit proposal for Grants Pass (Anthology)
  • Monthly stories for The Edge of Propinquity (Webzine)
  • Contributor for Dragonvarld RPG (Sovereign Press)
  • Work on TTF (Anthology - Maybe)
  • Complete six new non-TEoP short stories
  • Everything else I don't remember or haven't planned

    For the record, I think this whole thing counts as a brag.
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