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Screwy dreams this morning but as benliblit told me this week, a pencil would give me screwy dreams.

27 December 2005
Sunnydale Dance

I arrived with everyone else in a school bus - Winnebago vehicle. We were all teenagers and very excited to be going to this dance. It was a race to see who would get to the door first. I stumbled going down the stairs but did not fall. However, this knocked me from the spell I was under. I got a bad feeling about things and stopped to look into the window of a door and see what was inside. It looked to be a normal school dance with people sitting around drinking bad punch.

"Shall we go in?" my boyfriend Xander (of Buffy) asked.

I nodded. "I guess so."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"I don't know but I do, too."

"Come on." He took my hand and we walked into the dance. It hit us like a ton of bricks about ten feet inside the door. We were next to the stage and we literally saw a heavy blanket of energy fall onto us like a veil. It knocked us to the floor. We couldn't do anything but stay there and watch. On the stage, behind us, we could feel this huge looming figure but could not see it. Through the energy that covered us we could see that everyone was covered in these veils and it seemed to be feeding off of them and their creative energy.

Cordelia walked up carrying a sketch pad. "What are you two losers doing?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just lying around. You?"

"Sketching! I've already made three beautiful drawings so far."

I could see her energy veil glowing red then pulse energy up to the looming demon behind us. Cordelia's veil turned blue again and continued to suck on her. She walked away in a daze. I looked at Xander and he looked at me. "Time to go?" I asked.

"Time to go." He agreed and we both crawled on our hands and knees to get out of there. As soon as we were out the door, the weight was lifted and we ran back to our Winnebago, laughing and feeling very free. We jumped into our bed and Xander started kissing me. It felt really good. Another guy in the bed rolled over and grumped in a "get a room" way. We just laughed and shifted away from him, continuing to kiss and pet each other.


BRAG: I have a pedicure and manicure scheduled for this afternoon.

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