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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Loot - which is about gifts I've received for my birthday and Christmas, a bit about writing and a bit about my upcoming mini-vacation.

December 26
The Loot

I did pretty good on the gifts this year for my birthday and Christmas/Yule. This is mostly for me to remember to write "Thank you" cards. I like to do "Thank you" cards to my family because they are far away and it says I was thinking of them and that I liked what they got me. Also, I like to be a good example to my nieces and nephew that one should send "Thank you" cards for gifts. It lets people know you got the gift and that it was appreciated.

Mom & Dad: Bath soap/moisturizer
Shannon: Batman Begins
Scott & Suzanne: Garnet earrings
Rory & Cheryl: Signed picture of Claudia Christiansen
Leigh-Ann: A night out at the Mercury
Me: A very nice sugilite necklace and earring set

Mom & Dad: Amethyst and marcasite ring
Shannon: Vanilla soap and luffa
Scott & Suzanne: Jon Stewart's "America" book
Rory & Cheryl: Tickets to the movies
Joan: Homemade peanut brittle
Me: Two antique occult books

Yes, I do by myself Birthday and Christmas gifts. I think it is important to remember yourself on these days, too. It's not just an excuse to buy myself something. I'm in a place in my life where I can buy myself whatever I want whenever I want. It is more to remind myself that I am friends with me and I should do what friends do for each other - care for one another and should how much they appreciate them.


Starting in January, I'm going to begin the first of my mini-purges. The idea of the Great Purge was a good one but it required me to have a large block of time which is something I almost never have and if I do, it is used for writing. So, now, I'm going to do mini-purges; one room at a time starting with the play room. I'll be email my friends with what is on the chopping block and get ride of it. Whatever doesn't go will be tossed or sold.

I know this will be good for me. I have been feeling hemmed in by my clutter for a while. I have this need to have everything in its place and that's hard to do when you have so much stuff. I am a serious pack rat and I know it. The only reason I don't have more stuff is because I've moved in the last three years. I think I've come to a place in my life where the toys are nice but I have all the toys I want. More than enough and that's why I'm getting rid of the ones I don't need. Hopefully, my friends will appreciate them more than I do.


The writing is coming very slow. I have edited "Gamer Girl Evolution" again and now I'm going to let it sit for a week or so. I need to send it in to "She's Such a Geek" during the first week of January. That is tighter to the deadline than I usually like to send stuff in but it is needs the editing and the critiques from my 1st Round Readers group. Already, I've received some good feedback.

The Edge of Propinquity deadline for January is looming and my story, despite knowing what I want to say, is reluctant to come out. If this keeps up, I'm not going to have a chance to send it to my 1st Round Readers group for a critique before I have to publish it. That makes me a little nervous. But, at the same time, I'm alright with it. I've been debating about whether or not to send the TEoP stories to the 1st Round group or not. Mostly because I need their help to polish my stories for publishing. These are already going to be published along with three other stories each month. I should have confidence in my work to publish it on a collaborative website. Especially since TEoP is my baby.


I will be visiting Rich and Cil over New Years. I'll be in CA from the 30th of December until the 2nd of January. If I'm lucky, we'll be meeting up with Bill to go shooting on the 31st. It's been way too long since I went shooting. There's something about focusing on the target and feeling the pistol in your hand as you shoot. It will be really nice to see Bill, too. I'm also looking forward to sitting around with Rich and just talking about random stuff like we do whenever we meet up.

Tarot Card for the Day: Six of Pentacles, Inverted

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