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December 18, 2005
Pajamas & Caviar
Penny aka the Boy kitty is now here, comfortably set up in the play room. After chatting with the owner on the phone and meeting the owner's son, I am much less concerned about them abandoning the Boy kitty here because they know I won't have the cat put down. He is very handsome and trills up a storm. He rarely meows, preferring to trill. I've tried to make an appointment to get him fixed but everyone is booked over the holidays. January 3rd, I will be making another round of calls. In the meantime, Esme is still hissing at the door but she hasn't bitten me.

Lots of cool things on the writing front. I have even more ideas to work on but I have to stick them into my Ideas Folder until I have finished up some of my other projects first. Regresser's Evolution has gone out to the 4th (and last) round readers group for a final go over. In the meantime, I am going to be polishing up a query letter. I finished the first draft of "Gamer Girl Evolution" for "She's Such a Geek." It will go out to the first round reader group tomorrow or Tuesday. Finally, this week, I will be focused on my Edge of Propinquity story for January called "Caller ID: Unknown." My goal is to have that to the first round reader group by Christmas.

I have to admit I'm not sure what overall arching project I'm going to work on next. Regresser's Evolution will be off the radar for a good two months. I'm still waiting for more submissions for Grants Pass. I have the nascent project codenamed TTF that I could work on. I have more Kendrick stories I could work on while doing TEoP or I could declare January new submission month and do a blitzkrieg of submissions all over the web while I am working just on TEoP. I don't know. I have to think about it.

In other writing news, Holy Order of the Stars is out in stores now. I've had one friend mention to me that they've seen "my" book and found my name in the credits. That will never get old. Also, Sean, my editor, sent me to a review of Holy Orders and it was fantastic. Even better, of the 4 paragraphs, 2.5 of them specifically cited the stuff I wrote as exceptional. Even the little opening fiction for the book that I wrote apparently really creeped him out. Yay! This has gotten the notice of all of the editors at Sovereign Press and I recently was assured that I will be working the Dragonvarld RPG and maybe more. I'm pretty happy about this.

Well, I had my little mid-life rebellion over my recent birthday. I dragged Ron to the Seattle Caviar Company for the caviar tasting and ended up buying a LOT of caviar. Well, actually, it was a little caviar for a lot of money but man, is it tasty! I bought an ounce of white sturgeon, an ounce of Baerii and four ounces of salmon roe, plus a set of four caviar spoons. It was all under $200 but not by much. Very tasty stuff. Unfortunately, they don't do Bulega caviar in the tasting. If I want to try that, I have to buy an ounce of it at about $200 an ounce. I think I'll stick with the $64 and $92 per ounce caviar when I want to indulge.

Speaking of indulging, you know what I did today? I slept late. Then, I got up, did not get dressed and came down to finish my "She's Such a Geek" essay. Then, I got out a bit of softened cream cheese, that ounce of Baerii caviar and one of my newly purchased caviar spoons. Yes, I sat here and had a $65 meal of caviar and cream cheese on wheat things in my PJs for breakfast at 1pm in the afternoon. If that is not decadence, I don't know what is. It was well worth it. My goal is not to get dressed at all today.

On the gamer front, I played my new character, Whisper, last night for Crimson Dawn. I didn't have as much fun with her as I usually do with Ximena but I suspect that's because I'm still getting used to playing the new character while I wait to find out Ximena's fate. I like Whisper. The character is much different that Ximena. But, she's a very angry character and it's hard to keep hold of her sometimes, especially with some of the stress that she is under right now. I did have a couple of good scenes though. My favorite was with Mark who plays an unscrupulous Ravnos. We have come to an interesting accord.

I did get a great compliment last night as well. Whisper is pretty much clothed from head to toe except for her eyes which I made up very nicely with makeup. One girl said to me, "Your eyes are much too pretty to belong to a Nosferatu." My response was "Nothing says a Nos can't wear makeup." I like it when my eyes are complimented. They are one of my best features.

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