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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with My Birthday which is about, you guessed it, my birthday and writing.

December 9, 2005
My Birthday
Let's see, it's been over a week and not that much has happened. I think. Um... I did manage to get out Holiday cards for the first (and probably last) time in my life. I'm so bad about such things. Rory and I spent a very cold day running around Seattle getting pictures for The Edge of Propinquity website. The cool thing about this is the fact that I punked out because I was cold and not because I was tired. Oh, yeah. I reached the minus 50 pounds mark! That is exciting to me. Very exciting. The ultra-cool and geeky survival don't-need-batteries flashlights came in, the TEoP website basics got finished. I did a whole lot of writing and have finally finished this draft of Regresser's Evolution.

Let's pop over to writing specifically. I've decided that Regresser's Evolution could use another read through. This time, I will give it only to 3-5 people. At this point, I'm thinking of changing one of the stylistic things I did and I want to see what is not clear to the readers.

On the Grants Pass front, I'm still stuck at the two-thirds mark and I've had a couple of disappointing Grants Pass submissions. Would it KILL these authors to actually READ the stupid submission guidelines so they could, you know, write to the theme of the anthology? I really don't think so. I really want us to get to the minimum word count so I can get the next phase of the anthology.

On The Edge of Propinquity front, the main website is up and running. All of the author pictures and bios are done. All of the world pages are done. We are still poking around with the main title graphic but that's nothing. I even added a notification only group link to the site so people would be notified when the new Issues go up. I still have to talk to my authors and photographer about the idea of a guest author for months 3, 6, 9, and 12. Hrm. Reminds me. I really need to write the first story due on January 5th.

Everything else. The Kendrick stories have taken a back seat but will start coming back to the forefront soon. The new TTF project is still stewing in my mind and I'm writing down background stuff for it. Submissions to the various places will begin again in earnest in January. Though, there's a spot looking for speculative poetry that I'll submit to today. I really need to think about doing the second part of Estate Planning Blues for Savvy Insider, too. Not to mention writing something for She's a Geek.

Yeah. When I'm not working or gaming, I'm pretty much focused on writing.

Today is my birthday and, oddly enough, it seems to be shaping up into a day that represents the archetypical me.

First, I have sent out my novel, Regresser's Evolution, to the first of my fourth round critique group.

Second, I have submitted some speculative poetry to a place recommended to me by Cherie Priest.

Third, I have agreed to foster a friend (Mary) of a friend (Aimgrrrl) of a friend's (Matt) father's adult kitty cat for 1-2 months because the father is being moved into Senior housing and is currently in temp housing but can't have a cat there and they were going to actually seize the cat! How awful is that? The cat is a male Maine Coon named Penny. No, I don't know the story behind that yet but I will. Penny will be delivered to me Saturday afternoon. That should give me some time to fix up the play room for him. I'm sure my cat will have one hell of a hissy fit over the guest but she'll survive.

Fourth, I dyed my hair the color of garnet and I will be spending tonight at the Mercury. I'm really hoping for some good music and to lose myself in the atmosphere. Of course, I will have Kendrick in mind as I drink and dance. One of the signature spots in Kendrick is a Goth club based on the Mercury.

The older I get, the more certain I become that age is just a number and that you really are only as old as you feel. Let me tell you, I do not feel like I thought I would at this age. I am now 35 and now officially part of the 35-44 age range as my sister so kindly reminded me in an email this morning. Isn't that the age range when you are supposed to be all grown up? When you are supposed to have already sown your wild oats, followed your dreams, made your mistakes, savored your triumphs and are now settled down to a life of hopefully happy domestic bliss?

Guess what. No happy domestic bliss for me. Not yet. I'm still chasing those dreams of mine. I will have that novel out there. I am not ready to 'settle' for anything. Especially not something that involves a life of mundane TV watching, being a good example of a proper person or any of that hooey. I still want to have those nights out where I marvel that the sun is rising. I want to have those mornings when I wonder what ran over my head. I want to do the silly happy dance of creativity. There's so much more for me to experience!

I still get a thrill out of flying 1st class or even flying someplace for the day without any luggage. I still want an adventure despite my own definition of the word: An adventure is someone a thousand miles away having a perfectly rotten time, wishing they were anywhere but there. An adventure cannot be enjoyed while it is going on. It is only in the retrospect that we realize just how fun the adventure was. As I told Ivan, I want to become aware of myself in a cafe with the remains of a meal around me indicating I was with at least one other person. The waitress brings me the bill and when I look at it, I discover it's a week later, that I'm not even in Washington anymore and not remember anything in-between. I spend the next month of so figuring out what happened.

Ah, well. Even if I don't get the real life adventure, I have plenty of adventures left to tell through my writing. You know what? Living vicariously through them is not so bad either.

Tarot Card for the Day: Five of Pentacles, Inverted

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