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Within the Dance...

Within the Dance

Bodies gyrating to a pulsing beat
making the dance floor into a single throbbing

Anonymous, sweating people in a world
within their minds as the body follow the command
of the music.

Wet hair, salty with exertion, once perfectly styled -
now in a perfect mess for the dance.
No one cares.

Dancing like no one is watching
and if they are, it doesn't matter.
I'll never see them again.

For once, both alone and a part of the whole.
The thrill of individuality
with the security...

If you fall... your friends will be there
to pick you up,

For a short time,
despite all differences...
we are One.

On the dance floor,
bodies pulsing,
within the dance.

(c)2002 - Jennifer Brozek

I just got back from my walk. The Mortal Kombat soundtrack I made up for this is perfect. But, now... as I have been having for the past week, I am craving to go out and dance. I want to go to the Shrine of Lilith if it still exists.

I want the exertion of dancing. I want the anonmity of it. I want the company of tens and hundred of other people doing exactly the same thing I am. I want my top lip salty with sweat, cooled by a drink that numbs the pain in the muscles and loosens the inhibitions. I want to dance with my friends and dance alone. I want to admire the outfits, beauty and dance skills of those I don't know.

Most of all. I want to dance.

And this time, I don't want to be the driver.

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