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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Off the Hook which is mostly about jury duty and writing.

November 30
Off the Hook

I got called for jury duty for the 28th and 29th. Basically, as they say "two days or the length of one trial." The trial I got stuck in the pool for on Monday is going to be really messy, emotional and sucky. I really, really did not want to be on the jury for this one. But, I prepared myself to do so and perform to the absolute best of my ability because I absolutely believe in civic duty. This means voting. This means serving on a jury.

However, this trial took two and a half days to select the jury and it is scheduled to run from today to the 16th of December. That's because it is a theft-kidnap-rape trial. Complex and messy. After all the questioning is done of the potential jurors, each side gets a certain number of challenges. I was dismissed from the jury by the skin of my teeth. I was literally the last jury member that could be dismissed. I watched the Defense lawyers look between me and another guy for a very long moment. It was close but I think I was just a little too sharp and opinionated during the questioning for their taste. I kept countering them.

Lawyer: You believe X with this added caveat.
Me: No. That's not what I said. You added a caveat to the end of that statement.
Lawyer: And I am allowed to do that.
Me: Then, I am allowed to call you on it.
Lawyer: Does that change your answer?
Me: Yes. If it is the situation as you originally asked it, I believe X. When you add the caveat, I believe Y.
Lawyer: So, you believe it depends on the context of the relationship.
Me: Yes.
Lawyer: Fair enough.

I'm just glad I'm not on the jury for this trial. It has played merry hell with my writing schedule and I never thought I would be longing to be at work instead of reading. (I read 2.5 books in the last 3 days.)


Speaking of writing... today is the 30th and I am not done editing Regresser's Evolution. I'm on page 128 of 140. I might be able to get the editing done tonight but I'm not sure. Hopefully. Technically, I do have until December 3rd because that's the end of the week. However, I had wanted to spend the rest of the week writing up the additional chapter between Araquez and the Captain I have to add in order to fill in some informational gaps as well as correct a couple of misconceptions. I've added about 3000 words so far in the edit despite the thousands of words I have deleted as crap writing. Ah, well. I guess January, instead of December, will be my query writing month.

Continuing the writing status, Strange Horizons rejected another one of mine while Peridot Books bought The Komatsu! I'm really happy about this sale. The Komatsu was the first story I sent to my new 1st round readers group. It seems to prove their value and necessity. Also, Peridot Books was one of my personal "Big Three" to get my speculative fiction published in: Strange Horizons, Black Gate and Peridot Books. I think I need to find some other prestigious magazines/webzines to shoot for as well. I know some off the top of my head but this would need me to get over my fear of doing hardcopy submissions.

In further news, I explained what TTF was to an author friend of mine and he thought it was a very, very cool idea. Thus, pounding another nail into the coffin of "Must Do" projects. I will find time. Really. Honest. The RE edit is almost done. Sure, I can fit another 70K+ word project into my schedule. No problem.


Oh, yeah. My birthday is coming up. December 9th. It's a Friday and the premiere of "The Chronicles of Narnia." I really want to go see that on my birthday with friends. Anyone else interested in coming with me?

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