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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Projects & Stuff - which talks about all the irons I currently have in the fire, the fact that I'm a trouble maker at work and that I'm being brave again.

November 22, 2005
Projects & Stuff
I have a lot of personal irons in the fire right now. Probably more than I should have but, at least it is keeping me busy and moving forward. Most of these are writing based. I suppose that's because I'm so writing focused right now. I know if I have ever been so focused in such a productive manner before.

Regresser's Evolution - Active - I'm on page 110 of 140 for editing with less than 10 days to finish. I'm starting to feel the pressure but I know that I've improved the quality of the novel a thousand fold. I have finally figured out where to put the additional chapter that will shore up plot and information holes. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to write it during the month of November but I will get it done in the beginning part of December. That puts me sending out my first query letters sometime in January. Frankly, that last thought is terrifying.

Grants Pass - Active - I'm two-thirds the way to my minimum word count goal. Stories are still coming in at a slow but steady pace. I want to be sending out the query letters to publishers by Spring of next year. Hopefully, one of the bigger publishers will be interested in picking it up. If not, I've got some leads on some good small press companies. I'm still poking at the big name authors I can get hold. Maybe one of them will bite soon. I suppose after the experience of writing query letters for RE, this should an easier task.

The Edge of Propinquity - Active - I'm very excited about this webzine. We've got the authors, the listserv, the LJ community and a lot of the over all tech decisions done. I suppose December will be mostly focuses on TEoP, getting it all set, doing research on my own set of stories as well as writing the January story. I really can't wait to see what else I get from everyone. When I'm not thinking of RE, I usually thinking of TEoP.

Kendrick - Mostly active - My goal of getting my backlog of Kendrick stories written and in circulation continues, slowed as it has been by my month of editing. My TEoP story arc for 2006 is set in the Kendrick world and I intend it to be the kind of story arc that glues a lot of the different Kendrick signature places and characters together. In the meantime, I just got back another story rejection from Strange Horizons. Le sigh. But, that means when I finish the final polish on House of Hands, I can send that in for consideration.

Website revamp - Sort of Active - Some of you may not know it but I've had my main website since 1994. I never really had a plan on how to set it up. I just sort of cobbled it together, letting pages and branches build on it haphazardly until it has become this Frankenstein monster of hard coded links, outdated documents and random image placement. Believe me when I say that it needs to be completely torn down and redone in a much simpler, logical manner. This means I'm going to have to literally rewrite it from scratch. I'm thinking about how I want to set it up and I've been mucking about it with designs. I think I've come up with a test design that I like. Of course, I liked the last design I came up for about three weeks before I decided it was too fussy. I'm going to let this one stew a bit before beginning the long arduous task of rewriting my site. There is so much that is going to be cut away.

Estate Planning - Sort of Active - Well, I bought the fireproof, waterproof lockbox. It's still in its packaging. I haven't looked at the paperwork in weeks and I know I should. Maybe over Thanksgiving. I don't really want to look at it but I know I need to, if only for the cat.

Dream tome - Less Active - I finished up 1999 and stalled. Stupid reasons (the table isn't cleared enough for me to work) and general laziness. I haven't been disciplined in my work habits on this project. I might be too distracted by the writing I've been focused on. I need to figure out a good system for this.

Dead tree project - Not Active - This is a project I've been thinking about for a while. I would like to print out all of my stories and file them. All of them. The bad gamer fiction. The random flashers, poetry and aborted stories. I don't know why I want to do this but I do.

In other areas of life, work is going well enough but my 'innocent' QA based questions about the current project has opened one heck of a can of worms. So, now, it appears that, if nothing else, I am spearheading the investigation in to the performance testing of our product. Note: I have not perf testing experience. This is going to be interesting. But, you know what? It needs it and I have the desire to see it get done. If nothing else, we can do some basic baby perf tests and beef them up with automation.

Also, I'm going to be adventurous tomorrow night. I will be visiting the local sex positive BDSM club for their "Drop In" night with a friend of mine who has been patiently asking me to join them for months now. There will be no play involved. At least, not on my part. I just want to go and get a feel for the place. See if our vibes resonant or not. I'm hoping so because I'm constantly semi-joking about needing a good beating. We'll see. I'm being brave. You all should be proud of me.

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