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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Motivation & Progress - silly motivational (but highly effective) bets and writing. In fact, I write a letter to my novel in the fashion of my friend artistic_chaos.

November 15
Motivation and Progress

This last week was good for me for a couple of reasons. First, I decided I needed a little help in the motivation department on my weight loss. Team Volare (a group of friends who have bonded together over the most politically incorrect behavior possible of which I am an honorary memory) has a history of motivational betting for such things. Though, they usually involve the wearing of silly clothing. I was frightened by this idea but the Sparkle Kitten was not about to back down over a little thing such as silly clothing.

Fortunately for me, after I put the call out for motivational bets, more than my Team Volare brethren responded. Heather bet me a visit, the loser pays for the plane ticket. El Grimm Fandango, the Tango Dancer of Death (AKA Dave, one of the founders of Team Volare) bet me an hour of serving at the convention. I tacked on that he had to wear his Bishop coat. I'm rather fond of it. El Comadreja Llameante (AKA Ryan and not part of Team Volare) threw down the gauntlet in style with a 1000+ word epic poem on the wonderfulness of the winner by the end of February 2006. Monica bet me a bottle of good Riesling to be bought by the loser. Finally, and I'm not sure if he was joking or not, Barry threatened to donate $300 in my name to an odious organization if I lost. If I win, I'm guessing he won't.

I think I can say that I am properly motivated to reach my goal weight by Feb 16th, 2006. In fact, I have started on my changes this morning. Instead of going to the café and getting my usual double tall white chocolate mocha with whip, I brought in spiced cider. This will save me about 400 calories and $3 a day. I've been meaning to make this switch for some time now but, the mocha is very tasty, the caffeine wakes me up and the morning ritual was kind of nice. Overcoming the inertia and shifting the morning ritual hasn't been fun. I've been yawning all morning. When the lack-of-caffeine headache hits, I have my Excedrin waiting.

Lunch ideas are shaping up to look something like this: V8, 100 calorie Pringles snack pack, a slice of Swiss cheese and, if I'm still hungry, some deli ham. Dry roasted almonds for an afternoon snack. Dinner is going to be the interesting option. Especially if I'm having a bad eating day (the band, she is a fickle bitch). I'll stick to the meatball and veggie or soup and popcorn options. I'm really happy to discover I can eat popcorn. It satisfies the mind, the taste buds and the tummy.


The Edge of Propinquity website is starting to shape up. Rory has made the changes I wanted him to do so it looks like what I envisioned. Now, time to get the bio and world information from the other authors. I am very excited by this project. It makes me wonder why I didn't try to do something like this soon. Probably because it never occurred to me that other authors might actually want to create something like this with me.

Tonight, we had our first TEoP meeting. It went really well. Four of the five core TEoP members were there and we got all of the necessary information out of the way. It was a good talk and I think I got everything across that I wanted to. It's not easy being the Chief Cat Herder of a bunch of creative people but so far, so good. Everyone is enthusiastic and I like it.


Editing Regresser's Evolution is moving along at a good clip. However, there is something I really must get off my chest in the style and spirit of my friend Heather.

Dear Novel,

What the hell is it with your protagonist constantly going to the extremes in emotions? That girl is up and down like a friggin' pogo stick. She doesn't do anything half way. It's like watching a manic depressive on speed. The chick is a couple centuries old, so, she wouldn't immediately be on the edge of panic at the first sound of an alarm. Oh, sure, it might startle her but people don't freak out immediately.

You know what happens when I hear an alarm? "Ow. That's loud. Fire drill? Fire drill." Ok. Get the purse, phone and iPod. Lock the computer, put on the jacket and follow the herd outside. "Damn. That's loud." That's it. No edge of panic. No moving around to for the "need to do something" and it does not take a "burst of inspiration" to consult the computer to find out what a "type two" emergency is. Especially when she had just spent the last bloody hour using that computer to figure out things about the ship! People are slow to panic. Most people do not spend their days in extreme emotion. So, please, tone it down.

The Author

As you can see, I have been doing some serious editing. I suppose, when I wrote this, everything went to emotional extremes because it was "dramatic." Right now, it's just pissing me off. I've put the protagonist on sedatives so she can act a lot more like a normal person would. Not to mention, filing off some of her smugness. I was very surprised when one of my reader critics mentioned that he felt nothing for the protagonist but was far more interested in the secondary characters. Now, I see why.

Tarot Card for the Day: Four of Pentacles

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