Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Cool Emergency Toys

I'm on the edge of a cold and it sucks. Achy, tired and full of sniffles. So, I'm doing the smart thing and working from home. I would rather not infect my pod (the name they seem to be calling the bullpens) or the rest of my team. I'm really glad for the VPN.

Last night, I was in bed by 9pm, only to be woken up around 10:15pm or so by a bright flash of light and a huge boom when the local transformer blew in a spectacular fashion. I came down stairs and got my "Forever Shake Flashlight with LITHIUM Batteries" from the Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center. It was really cool! It was a very bright light. It lasted for a while and, as it is clear, when I set it on its head, it provided a lot of good light.

I am absolutely going to buy more. One for upstairs. One for downstairs. One for my car. Maybe one for the office. Individually, they are $17 each. They come in a six pack for $90. It's a little cheaper but not much. The shipping cost is less for the more I buy.

So, if you are local or can wait until I see you in February, would anyone like to go in with me to buy more of these flashlights? I'll make one big order next week Monday and figure out the tax and shipping charge, splitting it evenly by flashlight. If you are interested, comment in this post. Thanks.

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