Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

One for the Road AKA Reason #293454 that I love my friends

GaanEden: You should TOTALLY get an everlight flashlight. It's too cool for words. (Some of my emergency-oh-my-god-the-world-is-screwed stuff arrived today.) You know, you should have an emergency pack set up for the frozen wasteland that you live in.

BenL: Hmm, emergency pack. I do have a flashlight. The batteries much have leaked or something, corroding themselves into the flashlight case.

GaanEden: More than a baseball bat, dear.

BenL: So the light's good until the batteries die, and then it's junk because I cannot get the batteries out.

GaanEden: That's why you get one that doesn't have batteries. Look at that link

BenL: I think I have a bag of carrots in the refrigerator.

GaanEden: *sigh*

BenL: They don't light up, of course, but I'll call them "emergency rations."

GaanEden: I'm going to have to come visit you and prepare things.

BenL: Yes, you must. :-D Oh wait, I do have an emergency road kit in my car! (It was sent to me by a very friendly AAA agent when she found out I'd just moved to Wisconsin in the middle of the winter.)

GaanEden: YEAH!

BenL: What's in that kit? Hmm.

GaanEden: I have one of those, too. Also, chains

BenL: Gloves, I think. Maybe an orange "HELP" sign.

GaanEden: You make me worry for you.

BenL: Aww. You're worried about me? You're the one preparing for the end of the world. I worry about you.

GaanEden: I'm not preparing for the end of the world because by preparing, I'm ensuring that it will never come, the supplies will never be used and I have just wasted all the money that I could have used on getting a pedicure.

BenL: LOL. You're a nutter, you are.

GaanEden: And that's why you love me.

BenL: Yup. Not that my fondness for you will keep me from raiding your emergency stash when the end of the world comes, of course.

GaanEden: You are welcome to come join me in Grants Pass if it comes. I promise, I'll share.

BenL: Of course, I'll be huffing it from Wisconsin to Grants Pass by bicycle, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for my arrival.

GaanEden: Absolutely

BenL: How's the literary vision of Grants Pass coming together?

GaanEden: I have two more stories to read this weekend and a story to send off to my 1st round readers group

BenL: Go J.B.!

GaanEden: Thank you.

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