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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Mostly Writing - which is what it seems to about: writing. For the most part. There are bits about home and job in there, too.

November 8
Mostly Writing

Sometimes, it is hard to get to journal entries when I'm focusing so much on my other writing. I dedicated the month of November to finally doing the "final" polish on Regresser's Evolution, a novel I wrote a couple years ago during a NaNoWriMo. It's gone through two rounds of reader critiques so far. This is the third one. Also, as I have not seriously worked on this story for a couple years, I am looking at it with fresher, more experienced eyes. To date, my editing looks something like this:

"Oh my god! What was I thinking here?" *hack*slash*delete* "Adverb? Gone. Another adverb? Gone. Another... what the heck was it with my love of adverbs? And ellipses? And random commas?! If my characters actually spoke out loud, they'd all sound like Shatner!" *edit*delete*rewrite* "Man, Ice was right about the consistency here. M'ris has some really good technical suggestions and man, she's right! What was up with the interior decorator bit?" *edit*hack*slash*edit* "Whoops, forgot to threaten the world here. Sort of loses the whole motivation factor without that."

So on and so forth. It is very interesting coming back to a first (ok, third, but first almost publishable) novel with fresh eyes and a much more experienced editor's opinion. I think by the time I am done, this novel will be worth sending out without wincing. I won't be embarrassed to have my author friends reading it if they want to.

Of course, as I have dedicated this month to "only" to Regresser's Evolution, I have had far too many writing ideas that have insisted on coming out. So, I'm doing that writing at night and not during my morning writing time. I completed "The Chateau de Mons" for Grants Pass and polished it this weekend. I'm not going to send it out to my 1st Round Readers group until I get "The House of Hands" back. Speaking of which, my mom pointed out why I really need an editor and/or a 1st Round Readers group. Lots of little stupid spelling mistakes or words dropped out.

I have emailed all my players for The Edge of Propinquity and cancelled the game. I just don't have time to GM 12-15 people on a weekly basis. I did not think I would get more than 4 or 5 people interested in the game. Maybe in the future, if I try it again, I will specifically invite a small number of players to start.

However, that is not the death of TEoP. You see, I have a Cunning Plan(tm). It is a very cool plan. I will be sending out emails this week to interested authors. Personally, I think it is a neat idea. I hope everyone else thinks so as well. Best of all, it does not put all of the responsibility on me! I will just be in charge of my own stuff and be the chief cat herder.

Oh, yeah, the editor of Savvy Insider contacted me and asked if she could use my "Estate Planning Blues" post as part one of a two or three part series on Estate Planning in the finance section of SI. I'm not sure if it going to be a feature or not. We'll see. It should be published on Tuesday, the 8th.


After reading about how Seattle rental prices are about to spike because of the trend of people snapping up all rental properties, I've decided it really is best if I don't sell my home. It's a pretty nice place and I really do like it. I know the news article was talking specifically about downtown Seattle areas like Belltown and Queen Anne but that sort of thing will spread to the East side soon enough. I figure Seattle rentals will jump up in the next year or so. That means two years for the spike to hit the Redmond-Kirkland-Bellevue area and three years radiating outward to hit places like Woodinville.

Also, I turned down the STE Lead job offer I recently received for a couple of reasons. The main reason was that I didn't like the guy who would be my manager, followed closely by the facts that the job seemed very stressful and there was no VPN for working at home. Here at EED, I have a laidback boss, an excellent VPN system that allows for regular work at home as needed and the whole bullpen thing has turned out a heck of a lot better than I thought it would. Surprisingly enough, I have more privacy now than I did in my old cube that was in a high traffic area. For the most part, the only thing I have to worry about is chatty co-workers in the immediate area and that can be dealt with easily enough with headphones.

So, it sounds like work and home are going to remain the same. I like my home a lot. I like my job a lot. I can always visit Lake Washington (which was VERY cold this weekend) and work at home when I need to.

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